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Train with a Partner using a Tai Chi Ball Train with a Partner using a Tai Chi Ball, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming , November 23, 2015
Practice with a partner. This will allow you to focus on your sense of distancing as well as enhancing your connecting, adhering, and sticking jin skills. Whether you are practicing…
Dukkha:  Hungry Ghosts - A Sam Reeves Martial Arts Thriller Dukkha:  Hungry Ghosts - A Sam Reeves Martial Arts Thriller, by Loren W. Christensen , November 16, 2015
The following is an excerpt from Dukkha: Hungry Ghosts.  Sam Reeves and his girlfriend Mai are enjoying a morning at Saturday Market, a sprawling weekend bazaar along Portland's waterfront. From…
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming What Does Taiji Training Include?, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming , November 9, 2015
Taiji has been evolving for more than seven hundred years, and it is very difficult to state just exactly what makes up the art. The content of the art has…
Nonphysical Reaction to Information Nonphysical Reaction to Information, by David Hopkins , November 2, 2015
We all have the ability to use our instincts. The problem is that we often bury that inherent skill under a lot of what we need to learn to get…

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Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching 90th Birthday Celebration, 2016 March Taiwan Trip, Oct. 12, 2015
Dr. Yang, students, and friends will be visiting Taiwan from March 4-13, 2016 to celebrate Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching's 90th birthday and to do a brief sightseeing tour of Eastern and Southwest Taiwan. Everybody is invited...

Book Signing Event at Barnes & Noble, Seattle for Fight Like A Physicist, Sep. 24, 2015
Dr. Jason Thalken will be featured in a book-signing event on October 10, 2015...

Enzan: The Far Mountain Receives GOLD recognition from Benjamin Franklin Awards, Jun. 17, 2015
John Donohue, author of Enzan: The Far Mountain, A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller received Gold recognition in the Mystery/Suspense category from IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards...

Taekwondo Celebrates 60th Birthday, Apr. 7, 2015
Taekwondo, the most popular martial art in the world today is a modern discipline with ancient roots and a multifaceted history...


DVD: Neigong 2-DVD set by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming5 starsPriceless shared knowledge
"Dr. Yang shares over a half-century of his accumulated knowledge with the viewer in this nearly six-hour presentation."
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Simplified Tai Chi for Beginners - 24 Form by Helen LiangWatch video: Simplified Tai Chi for Beginners - 24 Form by Helen Liang
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