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YMAA Blogs - Sharing Knowledge, Wisdom and Perspectives

The YMAA community consists of instructors, students, and casual practitioners who altogether have a great wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated throughout many decades of dedicated, intense practice and teaching of the arts. Several YMAA members have started writing blogs to share some of their experiences, wisdom, and unique perspectives based on their individual training backgrounds. You may join us in these discussions by exchanging your thoughts and comments in the posts below.


Jeffrey Pratt - Taiji Class Notes

Taiji Class Notes

Jeffrey Pratt, a Taijiquan instructor in YMAA Boston, discusses theory and practice, and presents some insights derived from his weekly classes.

Roger Whidden - Senior Moments

Senior Moments

Roger Whidden, a Taijiquan certified Master discusses how seniors can improve their health and vitality through holistic training programs.


YMAA Retreat Center Blogs

YMAA California Retreat Center Blogs

The disciples of the YMAA California Retreat Center share their experiences living and training at the YMAA Retreat Center.


Michael Clarke

Shinseidokan dojo

Michael Clarke, Kyoshi 7th dan, Okinawan Goju-ryu has trained in karate since 1973. He teaches traditional Goju-ryu Karate in his dojo near Launceston Tasmania, Australia.

Arthur Rosenfeld

Arthur Rosenfeld @ Huffington Post

Arthur Rosenfeld is an expert on the spiritual dimensions of Eastern thinking for a Western world and also a novelist, tai chi master and philosopher.

Rory Miller - Chiron


Rory Miller, worked as a sergeant for a correctional agency in the Pacific Northwest, dealing with the most violent criminals. Currently, serving in Iraq helping to improve the country after its war period.

Martial Secrets Martial Secrets

Kris Wilder, and Lawrence Kane share their podcast and some fevered ramblings in the blog.

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