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What do YMAA, Garrison Keillor, Vincent Pratchett and Catch 22 have in Common? All are participants in World Book Night April 23, 2014

What do YMAA, Garrison Keillor, Vincent Pratchett and Catch 22 have in Common?

Apr 14, 2014
YMAA novelist, Vincent Pratchett, author of The Raven's Warrior has been selected to participate in World Book Night eve on Tuesday, April 22, at 7 p.m. at Talking Leaves bookstore, 3158 Main St., Buffalo, New York.  The Raven's Warrior is a fantasy sci-fi book with a new twist on the Arthurian legend of yesteryear. Pratchett's award-winning debut novel has interesting references to internal and external martial arts interspersed with tales of Eastern mysticism. Celebrating the day, author, Garrison Keillor, will be appearing with other noted writers at the New York City Public Library.  And Catch 22 is one of the 35 books being given away and delivered by 25,000 volunteers in 6,000 communities. There are 2,300 bookstores and libraries serving as community organizers.
World Book Night U.S. is a nationwide initiative celebrating the love of reading, person to person on April 23 –Shakespeare's birthday.  Annually, an independent panel of librarians and booksellers choose about 35 books using lists compiled by experts in the bookselling and library world.  This year, The Raven's Warrior, was one of the selections.

New YMAA Tulsa School Now Open

New YMAA Tulsa School Now Open

Apr 14, 2014
Tom Bowman, a longterm student of Dr. Yang, has opened a new YMAA school located in Tulsa, OK, offering qigong classes four to six days per week. Tom has helped many students recover from various health issues, including autoimmune disease, pain management, depression, and breast cancer. Visit for more information. There are currently over 50 official YMAA schools around the world.

CNN-US Article with comments by YMAA Author Kris Wilder

CNN-US Article with comments by YMAA Author Kris Wilder

Feb 27, 2014
CNN-US, John Blake, interviewed YMAA author, Kris Wilder, and posted his comments in his article, "She survived a standoff with a gunman---could you?" It's the story of how a courageous woman, Antoinette Tuff, school bookkeeper, kept her cool and survived a school invasion by a gunman by "changing the mood." Wilder, a 30-year veteran of martial arts and award-winning author, said, "She had a unique, deep and profound skill set that she was able to bring to the situation." Tuff was the only one standing between the gunman and 800 children in an elementary school just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Kris Wilder began his martial arts training in 1976 in the art of Tae Kwon Do, he has earned black belt-level ranks in three arts: Tae Kwon Do (2nd Degree), Kodokan Judo (1st Degree) and Goju-Ryu Karate (5th Degree), which he teaches at the West Seattle Karate Academy. He is the author of The Way of Sanchin Kata: The Application of Power and companion DVD and co-author of The Little Black Book of Violence.

YMAA Retreat Center students Win Gold at ICMAC Tournament

YMAA Retreat Center students Win Gold at ICMAC Tournament

Feb 24, 2014
YMAA Retreat Center student Michelle Lin has published videos from the recent 2014 ICMAC martial arts tournament in Houston. Nicholas Yang was named "Grand Champion" in the Traditional Northern Advanced Men category, won 1st place in Advanced Men Fixed Step Pushing Hands, and 2nd place in four other categories. Michelle was 1st in Adv. Women Northern Long Fist. Jon Chang was 1st in Adv. Men Southern Fist and Adv. Men Open Weapons. Javi Rodriguez was 1st in Adv. Men Continuous Sparring (<165 lbs), 2nd in Adv. Men Yang Style Taiji, and 3rd in several other categories. And, Quentin Lopes won 1st place in both Adv. Boys Traditional Hand Forms and Adv. Boys Weapons (Bullwhip). Congratulations to all. Thanks to host Nick Scrima and all those who participated.

YMAA Publishing 30-Year Anniversary in January 2014

YMAA Publishing 30-Year Anniversary

Jan 15, 2014
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming began self-publishing his own books in 1984, in the basement of his kung fu school in Boston, MA, USA. Since then, YMAA Publication Center has gained acclaim for its in-depth martial arts and health books and videos. In 2003, David Ripianzi, a long-term student of Dr. Yang from the early years, purchased the publishing company so Master Yang could free up some of his limited time and energy, and focus on the training at the YMAA Retreat Center in CA. As the publishing industry and economy have changed, YMAA has evolved and thrived, and our small staff of a half dozen people are still going strong. Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Yang, and to all of our customers and supporters over the years.

YMAA Author Vincent Pratchett Makes Headlines for World Book Night

YMAA Author Vincent Pratchett

Jan 15, 2014
The "People to Watch" article appeared in The Star newspaper in Toronto, Canada on December 29, 2013.
Vincent Pratchett, a Toronto, Canada firefighter for 23 years, is a first novelist whose book, A Raven's Warrior has been chosen for the United States' 2014 World Book Night.
Pratchett's novel is one of 38 new and established works that will be handed out free to some 550,000 occasional or non-readers across the U.S. on April 23, which is also Shakespeare's birthday. The book is already a winner of the 2013 USA Best Book Award for visionary fiction. The novel is set in 10th-century China. Its protagonist, a Celtic warrior, is taken in battle by Vikings and dragged and sold across Europe and Asia until he ends up a slave to a Taoist priest and his daughter in the Middle Kingdom. Under death's watchful eye, a new root of Arthurian legend takes hold.

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