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Anytime Discount on YMAA Publishing Online Store

About Anytime Discount

YMAA Publishing is committed to providing the best books, DVDs, Music Cd, and quality silk uniforms to you at the best prices. So, whenever you shop with us, at the YMAA Publishing Online Store, you can get 10% discount on any product at anytime, without any limit or restriction.

To receive the 10% Anytime Discount, just use the coupon code TEN during checkout.

The total amount displayed in your shopping cart prices don't have the discount yet, but don't worry, once you insert the coupon code during checkout, and click "APPLY", you will get 10% savings.

Ten Coupon Code

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us online or call us 800 669-8892 (in the US), or +1 603 569-7988 (International).

More About Coupon Codes

  • You can only use one coupon code at a time when ordering. The coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

  • The Anytime 10% discount is available on all items in the YMAA catalog. It is designed to help save you money, while encouraging you to order directly from YMAA Publication Center online, so that we may provide you the highest level of service. We know our products best.

  • The Deal of the Month offers a temporary discount on select products for a limited time. The Deal of the Month requires the use of a coupon code, and cannot be combined with other codes.

  • The Sale Bundles offer a temporary 20 - 30% discount on a group of select products for a limited time. Sale Bundle orders require a coupon code, an cannot be combined with other codes.

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