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Handmade Wooden Tai Chi Balls from YMAA

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Starter Balls - set of two Tai Chi Balls, 4 In stock and ready to ship
Starter Balls - set of two Tai Chi Balls, 4", 2-3lbs, poplar.
Basic Ball is 2-3 lbs, 6 In stock and ready to ship
Basic Ball is 2-3 lbs, 6" diameter, poplar.
Intermediate Ball is 4-5 lbs, 7” diameter, oak. In stock and ready to ship
Intermediate Ball is 4-5 lbs, 7” diameter, oak.
Advanced Ball is 7-8 lbs, 8” diameter, oak. In stock and ready to ship
Advanced Ball is 7-8 lbs, 8” diameter, oak.
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: HALO In stock and ready to ship
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: HALO
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: MODERN In stock and ready to ship
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: MODERN
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: SATURN In stock and ready to ship
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: SATURN
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: ECLIPSE In stock and ready to ship
Tai Chi Ball - Artisan: ECLIPSE
Book: Tai Chi Ball Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming... $24.95
DVD: Tai Chi Ball Qigong DVD 1 by Dr. Yang,... $39.95
DVD: Tai Chi Ball Qigong DVD 2 by Dr. Yang,... $39.95
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Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming has said, "In all my years of teaching, I believe that Tai Chi Ball Qigong is one of the most powerful exercises I have ever seen to rebuild the entire body's health."

More Info About Tai Chi Balls

The process of making a Tai Chi ball out of wood is difficult and poses several technical challenges. But we have found the best available source, made in the USA. These balls are made by gluing several pieces of wood together, which reduces the tendency of the ball to crack as it ages and dries. The traditional method of making a ball from a single piece of wood is nearly impossible to accomplish, and can't be done in bulk or for an affordable price.

How to Care for Your Tai Chi Ball

YMAA Tai Chi Balls are shipped already sealed with a combination of natural wax and wood oil. You can care for the ball by rubbing once a year with any natural wax or wood oil.

About Tai Chi Ball Qigong

Tai Chi Ball (Taiji Qiu) training used to be common practice in both external and internal martial arts. Unfortunately, due to its secrecy, fewer and fewer people have learned it. Today the art of Tai Chi Ball Qigong is growing again, thanks to the publication of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming's book and instructional DVDs. Tai Chi Ball Qigong classes are increasing with YMAA Instructors and others around the world.

It is recommended that you start with a ball that is a comfortable weight to train with for 15 minutes. Over time, you will increase the duration of your practice to one hour (or as long as you have available). When you're ready, you can progress to a bigger ball, which adds weight to your practice, and increases the distance between the palms.

With continued practice, your physical body will become stronger and more flexible, which relieves many health issues, especially back pain. In addition, your energetic circulation will improve, giving you more energy. Ultimately, your higher goal is the feel the energy between your palms through the ball.

Please stay in touch and let us know how it is going as you progress with your health goals using the powerful exercises of Tai Chi Ball Qigong.

"Finally we have quality Tai Chi Balls out in the community again. I have worked with all three sizes and love the feel of the natural wood. If you are looking to increase your level of skills for health and martial training, the Tai Chi Balls offered by Y.M.A.A are a must have training tool.." - Dave Grantham, Glen Gardner, NJ. USA
"As someone who practices and teaches Tai Chi Ball Qigong, I am extremely pleased with the quality and density of these wooden balls and give them my highest recommendation. I hope you continue to offer the three sizes that you do now." - Paul Blake, Andover, MA. USA
"I am grateful for the excellent Tai Chi Balls and the great training DVDs to accompany them. The woods you have used are excellent with resulting good weight and the correct degree of texture for great handling. I am glad I bought all 3 sizes for my own use and recommend them to all martial artists for immediate increase in understanding of inner feeling and body mechanics. Many thanks,"
- Chris Thompson, South Africa
"I received my Tai Chi Ball last week and am 100% satisfied with it. It is extremely well made and feels wonderful in my hands. I am looking forward to many years of practice with this one." - Tony, Lafayette, LA. USA
"Taiji Ball is a safe way to strengthen your back. The Ball gives you great feedback as you practice with circular movements. It is a great skill training to support your Tai Chi Chuan practice. I'll let you know when we need to move up to the next weight!" - Chung Yueh-Ching, Hartford, CT. USA
"I am pleased to say that the ball I received was more beautiful in my hands than the picture on your webpage…Thanks to Dr. Yang, I began to train with taiji ball way back when the first video cassettes were released by YMAA…I know that this tool will help me deepen my qi cultivation, improve my mind/body integration and subsequently the quality of my taijiquan…I truly believe that my YMAA ball will be my all-purpose, go-to training tool to enhance my taijiquan. Please extend my gratitude to Dr. Yang for his teaching, and the decision for YMAA to carry the wooden taiji ball." -
James, Berea, OH. USA
"I wanted to let you know my immense satisfaction that has come from my Tai Chi Ball. I purchased the intermediate size because I have been using a medicine ball in the past. I cannot stress the difference the wooden ball has made. This may sound strange but there is something very different about the wooden ball. The wooden ball is amazing. I can easily feel the qi penetrating and interacting with the other hand, and when doing horizontal circling I can feel the qi travel down the yang hand on the exhale, and run up the yin hand on the inhale, creating a belt type orbit that also mixes with my Grand Martial Circulation. I am extremely pleased! I literally am astonished at how much the wooden ball has changed this exercise for me. I also let my martial arts student try the wooden ball and they all were as impressed as I with the difference the wooden ball made. ." - Brady, Saratoga Springs, UT. USA

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