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Book: Fight Like a Physicist by Jason Thalken PhD

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 128

Code: B3389

ISBN: 9781594393389

Release Date: September 1, 2015

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An in-depth look into the physics behind martial arts. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or a curious enthusiast, this book gives you an “unfair advantage” by unraveling the complex science of effective fighting techniques and examining the core principles that make them work. Did you know?

  • Momentum is for knocking people over
  • Energy is for breaking bones and causing pain
  • A haymaker travels 3.14159 times farther than a jab
  • You are only an “object” when you are rigid

Fight Like a Physicist blends inquiry, skepticism, and irreverent humor—all while punching holes in myth and mysticism. Highlights include

  • Making physics your “unfair advantage,” in the ring and on the street
  • Examining center of mass, pi, levers, wedges, angular momentum, and linear momentum for martial artists
  • Reducing traumatic brain injury in contact sports
  • Exposing the illusion of safety provided by gloves and helmets
  • Overturning conventional wisdom on compliance during an assault
  • Busting up Hollywood action clichés

Fight Like a Physicist reads like a manifesto on the rational practice of martial arts. It’s intelligent, fun, and dangerous—and nothing short of iconoclastic.


Jason Thalken PhD

Jason Thalken has a PhD in computational condensed matter physics from the University of Southern California, and bachelor’s degrees in physics, mathematics, and philosophy from the University of Texas. Jason has studied and competed in more than eight different martial arts styles since 1995 and has a black belt in hapkido under Grand Master Ho Jin Song.

Kirkus Reviews

Thalken explores how physics can be applied to martial arts. An enlightening book for martial artists seeking a competitive edge.

Jeff Fleischer, Foreword Reviews
A cool concept that makes physics tangible for fans of fighting sports.

Loren W. Christensen, author, martial artist, Master Hall of Fame inductee
I devoured this fascinating book.

Lawrence A. Kane, author, martial artist
Engaging and entertaining, packed with invaluable information. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Rory Miller, author, martial artist
Martial arts are cool, martial arts science is cooler. Fun and informative for the martial geek in us all.

Michelle Waterson, AMMA, former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion
Answers the question, WHY?

Kris Wilder, author, martial artist
Crushes myths, utterly brilliant! Understand more, train smarter, be smarter.


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