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Book: Force Decisions by Rory Miller

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 206

Illustrations: 8

Code: B2436

ISBN: 978-1-59439-243-6

Release Date: April 1, 2012

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Book Award Book of the Year  Finalist
Cooperation, Compliance, Control.

In a free and peaceful society where so many have been taught that all violence is wrong, citizens are often confused and dismayed when officers use force, even when the force is perfectly lawful and justified.

This book allows you to ‘take’ a basic USE OF FORCE class just as if you were a rookie at the police academy. Below are some highlights of what is included in ‘your’ basic use of force class:

SECTION 1. TRAINING. I explain policy and laws that officers are taught. We examine use of force, how to define a threat, and the difference between excessive force and unnecessary force.

SECTION 2. CHECKS AND BALANCES. This section explains how an officer’s decisions are examined if suspected of being bad decisions.

SECTION 3. EXPERIENCE. We explore how officers see the world that they live in. Somewhere in the fog between training and experience, the officer has to make a decision. Sometimes decisions will be made in a fraction of a second and on partial information. Sometimes a decision will change the lives of everyone involved—forever.

SECTION 4. ABOUT YOU. Review what you should have learned. Why does community action fail? What is it that can really be done? Know how to behave when faced by an officer. Until this section, I have tried to put you in the headspace of an officer, giving you an overview of his training and a taste of his experiences. Now I will try to let you feel like a suspect. That’s a lot of mind bending for one book. Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water.

Any civilian, law enforcement officer or martial artist interested in self-defense, or anyone wanting to understand the duties and responsibilities of civilians and police officers needs to read this book.

Rory Miller, former Sergeant, has been studying martial arts since 1981. He’s a best-selling writer and a veteran corrections officer. He’s taught and designed courses on Use of Force Policy and Decision Making, Police Defensive Tactics, and Confrontational Simulations. He also led and trained his former agency’s Corrections Tactical Team. Recently, he taught how to run a modern, safe, and secure prison at the Iraqi Corrections Systems in Iraq. Rory Miller resides near Portland, Oregon.

Rory Miller

Rory Miller has served for seventeen years in corrections as an officer and sergeant working maximum security, booking and mental health; leading a tactical team; and teaching subjects ranging from Defensive Tactics and Use of Force to First Aid and Crisis Communications with the Mentally Ill.


Winner – 2013 USA Best Books Award

Finalist – 2013 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine

Alain Burrese, J.D., former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, author

I Commend and thank Miller for writing this important addition to the literature related to violence and law enforcement.

Robert Crowley, Attorney, former Major, U.S. Army Special Forces

As always, Miller's work delivers far more than he promises.

Wim Demeere, martial artist, author

Know your rights and your duties as a citizen…Read this book.

Steve Perry, New York Times, bestselling co-author of Tom Clancy's Net Force series

In an entertaining and informative way, Miller explains how and why police apply force.

George Mattson, martial artists, author

Understand the world police officers must live in, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.



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