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Book: The Little Black Book of Violence by Lawrence A. Kane & Kris Wilder

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 370

Illustrations: 229

Code: B1293

ISBN: 978-1-59439-129-3

Release Date: April 1, 2009

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Book of the Year Award Book Award

The Little Black Book of Violence will arm you with the knowledge and good sense to make informed choices in hazardous situations. While some yahoo spewing insults about your favorite sports team is worlds apart from a drug-crazed lunatic lunging at you with a sharp knife in his hands and bloodlust in his eyes, there is a large gray area in between these two extremes where hard and fast rules do not always apply. This is where wisdom, oftentimes hard-earned wisdom, makes the difference between good decisions and bad ones.

Every time you engage in violence, no matter how small or trivial it may appear to be at the time, it has the potential of escalating into something extraordinarily serious. What is really worth fighting for when you might find yourself spending the rest of your life behind bars, confined to a wheelchair, or trying to dig yourself out of bankruptcy from beneath the crushing weight of a civil lawsuit? It is important to ask yourself, “Is this really worth fighting over?” While in some instances the response could legitimately be “Yes,” more often than not it ought to be “No.”

More than mere techniques, this book fills in crucial information about street survival that most martial arts instructors don’t teach or even know. You will learn how to use awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation to help stave off violence. Despite the best intentions, however, you may still find yourself in situations where you have no choice but to fight and others where it is prudent to do so. Consequently you will also learn smart things you might want to try and dumb things you should attempt to avoid during a physical confrontation.

In addition to learning strategies and techniques for defending yourself on the street you will also learn how to manage the aftermath of violence, including performing first aid, interacting with law enforcement, managing witnesses, finding a good attorney, navigating the legal system, dealing with the press, and overcoming psychological trauma.

Men, who commit about 80 percent of all violent crimes, are twice as likely to become victims of aggressive behavior as women. While written primarily for this at-risk demographic, this comprehensive tome is essential reading for anyone who regularly deals with violence, thinks they may encounter a hostile situation, or who simply wants to increase their ability to survive a dangerous encounter.

Lawrence A. Kane

Since 1970, Lawrence Kane has studied and taught traditional Asian martial arts, medieval European combat, and modern close-quarter weapon techniques. Working stadium security part-time over 26 years he was involved in hundreds of violent altercations, but got paid to watch football. A world-renown judicious use-of-force expert, he was once interviewed in English by a reporter from a Swiss magazine for an article that was published in French, and finds that oddly amusing. Lawrence lives in Seattle, WA. Lawrence lives in Seattle, WA.

Kris Wilder

Kris Wilder began his martial arts training in 1976 in the art of Tae Kwon Do, he has earned black belt-level ranks in three arts: Tae Kwon Do (2nd Degree), Kodokan Judo (1st Degree) and Goju-Ryu Karate (5th Degree), which he teaches at the West Seattle Karate Academy. He is a regular columnist for Traditional Karate Magazine.


Finalist – 2010 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine

Finalist – 2010 USA Best Book Award

Alain Burrese, J.D., former U.S. Army 2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School instructor, martial arts instructor, and author

Kane and Wilder's book will save lives. It will keep others out of prison. As an attorney, a self-defense instructor, and someone who has experienced violence, I was most impressed with the practical and realistic information

Barry Eisler, internationally bestselling author of the John Rain series, shodan in Kodokan judo

An exceptionally modest title for a volume so comprehensive. Kane and Wilder maintain an engaging, readable, and occasionally humorous style that makes the book not just incredibly useful, but hard to put down as well.

Kancho John Roseberry, three-time All Services Judo Champion, seven-time All Marine Judo Champion, 10th dan Goju Ryu karate, 7th dan judo, 3rd dan aikido, (honorary) 5th dan Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Reminiscent of Musashi's Book of Five Rings, this book gives the reader insight way beyond punching and kicking back. Elements of psychology, street smarts, and martial strategy make this book worthy of inclusion in everyone's library. Well done and comprehensive.

Julie Van Dielen, Producer, Law Enforcement Training for In the Line of Duty

Every parent of an adolescent should read this.

Jeffrey-Peter A.M. Hauck, J.D., Former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Infantry Pathfinder, Martial Arts Instructor, retired Municipal Police Sergeant, and author

The true flavor of down and dirty fighting is captured and revealed. The aftermath of the fight is laid bare as it really exists. The reader is left to experience the blood, injuries, guilt, regret, and post-traumatic stress that sometimes plague the individual combatant involved. This book is as relevant to any police officer, soldier, or martial artist as it is to any student of criminal justice or psychology.

William C. Dietz, bestselling author of more than thirty science fiction novels and thrillers including Halo: The Flood and Hitman: Enemy Within

A hip, easy-to-read manual on how to identify potentially violent situations and avoid them. Or, failing that, how to best deal effectively with violence should one be forced to do so. Everyone with a pulse should read this book.

Martina Sprague, martial arts instructor and author

A very cool yet frightening perspective on violence; a book where the dreams of heroism and adventure are acted upon with proper forethought and intellect.

Loren W. Christensen, 7th dan black belt, author

While martial arts schools show you how to kick and punch, The Little Black Book fills in crucial information about street survival that most instructors don't teach or even know.

Michael F. Murphy, School Board Director

I was hooked from the first 15 words... I like to call this book Scared Smart or at least Scared Thoughtful.

Staff Sgt. Bryan Hopkins, USMC, 1999 Armed Forces Judo Champion, US Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor

A must read for any man or woman who is interested in learning not only how to defend oneself, but how to read other people's aggressions, and understand both the mental and physical aspects of violence.


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