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Book: Sunrise Tai Chi by Ramel Rones & David Silver

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 219

Illustrations: 316

Code: B0838

ISBN: 978-1-59439-083-8

Release Date: May 2007

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 Living Now Book Award
Awaken, Heal, and Strengthen Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Each day, millions of people worldwide practice Tai Chi Chuan, which has been known for centuries to promote deep relaxation and excellent health, to prevent injuries and illnesses, and to improve martial skills.

Tai Chi has steadily become a popular form of Mind/Body exercise as more and more people in the west discover the rich rewards of living in a holistic way. Tai Chi is a journey through the mind, the body, and the spirit, that can be practiced by everyone. Increasingly, you can see people practicing in the park – moving slowly in a meditative state, or even perfecting their martial arts skills.

But, what is Tai Chi really?

This book clearly introduces the history and underlying principles of Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) from a modern and unique perspective. For the beginner, this program is a comprehensive introduction to authentic Tai Chi, allowing you to fine-tune your Mind/Body skills and create balance among them. For the intermediate and advanced, it includes important directions and instructions, helping you improve and expand Mind/Body knowledge. In the end, you will understand and experience the ultimate goal of Tai Chi; the harmonizing of the three forces – human, earth, and heaven.

The Sunrise Tai Chi form is the protocol used at Tufts School of Medicine for the R-21 studies of healing rheumatoid osteoarthritis of the knee with tai chi.

  • Develop symmetry and balance between strength and flexibility
  • Loosen and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Improve circulation of blood and Qi energy
  • Learn how to increase bone density
  • Massage internal organs with gentle movement
  • Boost your immune system to help heal chronic conditions, including Arthritis, Osteoperosis, Sarcopenia, and Cancer
  • Improve your quality of life and daily physical performance
  • Tap into the abundant energy of the universe
  • Learn and improve your martial arts skills

Ramel Rones

Ramel Rones is a senior disciple of renowned teacher & author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and a Gold medalist in Internal and External Martial Arts: Three-Time Gold Medalist in Shanghai China, for Tai Chi, External & Internal Weapons (Grand National Championship 1994) & Gold Medalist for Tai Chi & Kung Fu Sword, 1994. From 1991-1993, Ramel earned Gold Medals for Tai Chi, Pushing Hands and Tai Chi Sword in the International North American Chinese Martial Arts Competition.

David Silver

David Silver has had a lifelong interest in meditation, and began training Gojū Ryu Karate at age 11. He studied Taijiquan, Qigong, and Yoga in his 20's, and became certified to teach Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in 2006. David works as a writer, producer, and director of instructional martial arts and health books and DVDs. He is the co-writer of the books and DVDs Sunrise Tai Chi, Tai Chi Energy Patterns, and Sunset Tai Chi. David lives on Cape Cod, MA.


Silver Medal Finalist – 2009 IP's Living Now Award

5 starsNovember 2007, J.Barr
Few sources I've come across over my years of study and practice have the quality and simplicity of instruction that this book/DVD combination possess.

Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox

Working with Rami for the last five years helped me to repair a debilitating back problem, and contributed to a better quality of life. But, what has been more important is Rami’s consistent teaching of deep breathing and the meditative mind, which has helped me to maintain some calm on the emotional rollercoaster of my life.

Miriam E. Nelson, Ph.D., School of Nutrition Science & Policy, Tufts University, author of Strong Women book series from forward

I have personally worked with Rami and experienced the benefits and insights of his blend of Tai Chi, yoga, and balance control. This book adds an emotional tool to our efforts to motivate people to adopt and use healthy practices to strengthen body and mind. Sunrise Tai Chi provides every reader the knowledge and practical advice to live a healthier, fuller life.

Ted Kaptchuk, Harvard Medical School, author of The Web that Has No Weaver

Deeply versed, passionate and informed, Mr. Rones is a committed and caring teacher of the Asian mind / body arts, including Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

5 starsAbsolutely amazing Tai Chi book!!!, November 2007,Shadowblade

I have perused over a dozen "Tai Chi" books and found them all to be mostly useless. The average Tai Chi book either presents page after page of postures and katas without any meaningful explanation, or provides some quasi-mystical New-Agey commentary that makes little sense -- and then there are Erle's bizarre "combat tajiquan" books. It had gotten to the point that I had given up on ever finding a book that could help me to understand the basic principals of Tai Chi . . . and then a friend gave me the gift of Sunrise Tai Chi by Ramel Rones.

This book is amazing. Unlike other authors, Ramel does not start out with a dry commentary on the history of the art, followed by a few pages of speculation regarding the concept of qi, then filling the bulk with page after page of complex and difficult to follow katas. No -- he goes right into the deep esoteric secrets of qi -- explaining in easy to understand language exactly why people derive benefits from Tai Chi practice. I've studied similar topics for years, and have friends who have mastered various Eastern modalities, so I can attest that Ramel is highly qualified to expound on these difficult subjects -- and he does so in depth...

The forms are simple and easy to learn. Anyone can do them. And, although this is an "introductory" text, there is a GREAT DEAL of information that will be of use to current Tai Chi students, as many concepts addressed here are NOT fully understood and appreciated by the average instructor. This book serves to fill in the gaps in one's knowledge and correct any possible misconceptions.

This is an outstanding book, and the techniques work exactly as Ramel says they do. I am recovering from PTSD and have been under an enormous amount of environmental stress as of late -- which has resulted in an inordinate amount of tension that has been manifesting as an annoying facial tic. A week after practicing just the relaxation techniques (haven't yet started doing the forms), I'm feeling a lot better and tic is pretty much gone. Thanks Ramel!

This is the ONLY Tai Chi book I've ever seen which I can recommend -- and I do so emphatically. Sunrise Tai Chi will help you to relax, become more flexible, have more energy, and improve your overall health. Many, many bogus systems promise all that and more, but Ramel actually delivers -- and the price is cheap too. YOU NEED TO ACQUIRE THIS BOOK AND PRACTICE THE TECHNIQUES. Highly recommended.

Valerie Twomey, RN, LMT, RYT, Spirit Well Massage & Yoga

David Silver's teachings on the movement and flow of breath  along with simple, powerful warm-ups and postures has added a deeper wisdom to my practice.  The clarity of his words enable me to pass along health-improving breath tools to my yoga students.   (Training) with David Silver is a learning experience from the ground up, balancing scientific rationale and inner knowledge.

Cathy Kerr, Instructor, Harvard Medical School

I have learned how to energize my life, deal with stress, and stay healthy.

Pat Rice, A Taste of China

The information is useful, the presentation is orderly and clear, the illustrations are appropriate, and in general the book is of the high quality that one always expects--and always receives--from YMAA publications.Thank you for the work you are doing and the inspirations you create.

Cynthia Fels, M.Ed., Earth Walk Tai Chi

A good novel starts with a small theme and weaves it into well-versed plot. Sunrise Tai Chi, like a good novel, takes various elements of the martial arts and weaves them into a well-balanced and comprehensive mind/body program. It starts by defining tai chi and laying the foundation of tai chi theory. Next, simple and effective visualizations are introduced, and this plot develops into the energizing Sunrise Tai Chi Mind/Body Program. The program is easy to follow and has information which will prove valuable for both the novice tai chi student and the seasoned tai chi student or instructor. Indeed, Rones and Silver have created not only a good read but an interesting and valuable tai chi program as well.

5 starsExcellent Presentation of Taijiquan,, Patrick Dickson, 2007

I already own the Sunrise Tai Chi DVD, and as I stated in my review, it is an excellent work. When I began reading the new release of the material in book form, I was pleased to discover that I was able to learn new skills that I somehow didn't pick up from the DVD. When an author creates a DVD or a book on a subject, if they are competently put together, they can each assist the student in different ways. It's a synergistic approach where the whole is greater than the parts...

Ramel Rones demonstrates thoroughly his excellent grasp of the material presented. His understanding of the material is evident in his ability to show many aspects of Taijiquan, and at the same time teach a straight forward, doable course that not only makes sense, but works. His material has a lot of the basics, which determine the eventual skill level of the practitioner. Anyone desiring to learn Taijiquan would do well to start with this book and DVD combination.

One of the features of this course that I love is the emphasis on learning the form and doing the left and right versions of ALL THE MOVEMENTS. As you know, most Taijiquan forms have many of the postures that are only practiced in either a left or right version, but not both. Learning the moves from both sides is extremely important and leads to a better understanding of the moves as well as an enhanced ability in applying the application of the move.

The yin yang symbol shows the completeness of the whole when created from combined opposites. Ramel's approach in presenting a very strong mind/body connection and demonstrating and teaching the student/reader how to accomplish this connection displays his true understanding of how to bring the most valuable effects to the practitioner in a lucid manner...

Ramel Rones has the benefit of being one of Master Yang's senior disciples. The logic and strength of correct knowledge carries over from Master Yang to his student Ramel Rones. The addition of David Silver and the many skills he brings to the table result in another quality work from these two. I look forward to future projects, hoping I have the time to study and learn this wealth of material.

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