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Taekwondo Books

List of Taekwondo Books

Advancing in Tae Kwon DoAdvancing in Tae Kwon Do by Richard Chun, Ph.D.
Originally published in 1983, this authoritative work has been the guide for thousands of Taekwondo Black Belts as they advanced in their training. Whether for self-defense, forms competition, or for preparation for Olympic games, this revised edition provides beginner & advanced training...

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Tae Kwon Do—The Korean Martial ArtTae Kwon Do—The Korean Martial Art by Richard Chun, Ph.D.
Originally published in 1976, this authoritative work has been the guide for thousands of Taekwondo practitioners as they advance in their training.

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Taekwondo Black Belt Poomsae: Original Koryo and Koryo By Richard Chun and Doug CookTaekwondo Black Belt Poomsae: Original Koryo and Koryo By Richard Chun and Doug Cook by Richard Chun, Ph.D., Doug Cook
Every level 1 black belt student is required to learn Poomsae Koryo. Yet, few are familiar with the ancestral form known as the ‘Original Koryo’.

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Taekwondo Spirit and Practice—Beyond Self DefenseTaekwondo Spirit and Practice—Beyond Self Defense by Richard Chun, Ph.D.
Master Richard Chun takes us on a first hand account of his life story and his dedication to the art of Taekwondo. We begin in Korea just before the Korean war and learn why Taekwondo is a noble and positive recreation for children, offering them challenges and lessons that they will reflect upon for their entire lives.

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Taekwondo—A Path to ExcellenceTaekwondo—A Path to Excellence by Doug Cook
This book, in seven parts, offers you the opportunity to visit the garden that is Taekwondo. Discover what it means to be a steadfast practitioner, understand Taekwondo’s honorable past, and prosper in the confidence and purpose that Taekwondo offers to all that participate.

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Taekwondo—Ancient Wisdom For the Modern WarriorTaekwondo—Ancient Wisdom For the Modern Warrior by Doug Cook
Learn how principles such as honor, perseverance, and dedication will enhance your daily life, how the philosophical and physical tenets combine to form not only a way of living, but a solid system of self-defense, and why these concepts are not just quaint ideals, but more important than ever in today's age.

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Taekwondo—Defense Against WeaponsTaekwondo—Defense Against Weapons by Kim, Bok Man
This book provides defense techniques taught to military, law enforcement officials, and black belts. Beginners will have a chance to see the application of their training in actual weapon defenses. Advanced students will learn techniques and fundamental training that has been ‘field’ tested since the inception of the art in the 1950s.

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Traditional Taekwondo—Core Techniques, History and PhilosophyTraditional Taekwondo—Core Techniques, History and Philosophy by Doug Cook
The history and evolution of Taekwondo from its ancient roots to modern day applications. Also included are exercises in "Ki" or internal energy development, meditation practice, and practical self-defense strategies. More focused on the traditional aspects of Taekwondo rather than on its sportive component.

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