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BOOK: The Mind Inside Yang Style Tai Chi by Henry Zhuang

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 232

Illustrations: 338

Code: B3532

ISBN: 9781594393532

Release Date: June 1, 2016

Skill Level: Skill level 1 recomended Skill Level 2 Skill Level 3

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Book: The Mind Inside Tai Chi by Henry Zhuang
Henry (Yinghao) Zhuang

List Price: $18.95

This is the anticipated follow-up to the author's previous work, The Mind Inside Tai Chi (YMAA, 2015). In this edition he turns his attention to Yang style, guiding you through the 22-step form with an eye for detail and a love of nuance. “Taichi is born from wuji, a state of emptiness,” Zhuang writes. “Empty the mind.There is no yin or yang, no you or others.” From this state of balance and grace, the author leads you through the Yang form,one step at a time. Illustrations with motion arrows guide your physical movements, while Zhuang's “mind approach” helps you appreciate the subtleties of each posture. Rich descriptions and vivid imagery bring the art to life.

  • Begin with “nothing” by stilling the body and mind.

  • Channel your intent to stimulate the flow of chi.

  • Learn the entire 22-step Yang form.

  • Explore the “mind approach,” discovering a deeper understanding of each posture.

    The author instructs you on correct physical posture, footwork, weight distribution, and tempo. He also describes subtle aspects of the form,including vision, relaxation, and the flow of chi. This book includes:

  • The history and lineage ofYang style.

  • Photographs of the author performing each posture.

  • Motion arrows depicting the movements of the entire form.

    If you are unfamiliar with Yang style, The Mind Inside Yang Style Tai Chi is the perfect place to begin. If you are a longtime practitioner, Henry Zhuang's insight will deepen your appreciation for this art.

  • Henry (Yinghao) Zhuang

    Henry (Yinghao) Zhuang has been involved with tai chi for over thirty years. Starting as self-taught, and then seeking formal instruction, the author is in a unique position to help others on this rewarding, but sometimes solo journey of seeking health and happiness through tai chi practice. Henry Zhaung is a chief real estate appraiser, and resides in Shanghai, China.

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