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Book: Liuhebafa by Paul Dillon

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 168

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ISBN: 1-886969-72-8

Release Date: September 2003

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The origins of Liuhebafa (also called Water Boxing) can be traced back to the Daoist sage Chen Tuan (c. 871-989 A.D.). Chen is a mystical figure whose advice and perspective was sought by ancient Chinese Emperors.

Liuhebafa was the last of the internal methods to be taught outside China. Even inside China, Liuhebafa had an almost mythic quality. Among the groups of inner circle students, Liuhebafa was graduate study in the internal arts.

Liuhebafa’s Five Character Secrets (of Li Dong Feng) are the original precepts of this rare internal martial art known as Huayue Xinyi Liuhebafaquan. Li Dong Feng discovered aged manuscripts of Chen Tuan, during an expedition to Chen’s ancient mountain home. Realizing the importance of what he had found, Li remained on Mount Hua until he mastered the material in the manuscripts.

Li returned to his home and then recorded all he had learned on Mount Hua in one hundred and thirty-four verses now known as The Five Character Secrets of Li Dong Feng. This is the only existing treatise on the original principles of Liuhebafa.

This book contains the original Chinese treatise of Li Dong Feng, Pinyin Romanization of the Chinese characters, word for word translation, literal translation, interpretive translation and the author’s commentary on the meaning of each verse.

There is more here than meets the eye. It is wise to approach the Secrets with a beginner’s mind. Imagine being beckoned to sit by the fire. Lean a little closer to better hear the master as he recites the lines that will open the doors of your mind and heart.

Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon was born in Montgomery, West Virginia. He attended West Virginia Institute of Technology, majoring in Printing Management. His Chinese studies were at The College of Far Eastern Languages / Yale University.

5 starsThe ESSENCE of the ARTS, Naga (Amazon reviewer) May, 2004

This excellent book by Paul Dillon is an extraordinary resource and doorway into understanding how energy becomes matter and matter transforms to energy. In a very real way, it is the heart of the teachings of the internal martial arts - it is a transformative practice, not for defeating others, but for the spirit of protection, compassion and spiritual development. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study with Paul, you will find him a generous and knowledgeable teacher.

Library Bookwatch. November 2003

Paul Dillion’s Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets examines the origins of water boxing, presenting a history which covers both techniques and evolution of a method which was one of the last to be taught outside of China. From breathing methods to methods of preparation for battle, this is packed with insights.

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