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Book: Western Herbs by Susan Lynn Peterson

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 374

Illustrations: 86

Code: B1972

ISBN: 978-1-59439-197-2

Release Date: September 2010

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Eric Hoffer Award
Award Winner
 Living Now Book Award
Editor's Choice
Book Award Independent Publisher Highlighted Title

Herbs for bruises, sprains, strains, dislocations, breathing, adrenaline, and more!

Healing with herbs has long been a tradition in the martial arts. As ever more martial artists train in the West, interest in Western herbs grows. This book investigates sixty-four herbs that are readily available in North America and Europe. For each herb it discusses the evidence for its effectiveness, the evidence for its safety, and how specifically to use it to enhance martial arts and contact sports training. Even the beginner will be able to choose an herb to meet a specific training need, purchase a good quality portion of that herb, prepare it, and use it safely.

Susan Lynn Peterson, Ph.D.

Susan Lynn Peterson Ph.D., holds a 5th degree black belt in Shuri-ryu karate, author of five books, including two martial arts, and an award winning theology text. She is a contributing writer to martial arts magazines and health & fitness websites. Peterson has spent many years and thousands of hours investigating the way herbs have been used in various cultures to treat injuries. Susan teaches karate and operates her communications business in Tucson Arizona.


Winner – 2011 USA Best Book Award

1st Runner Up – 2011 Eric Hoffer Award

Editor's Choice – 2011 IP's Highlighted Title Award

Editor's Choice – 2011 IP's Living Now Award

Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. (from her forward)

In this one volume you can access accurate and dependable Western herbs that are safe and effective treatments for sports injuries. Dr. Peterson has done a wonderful job of organizing the information and presenting it in an understandable and usable way. As a writer, I can only imagine the hundreds, no, thousands of hours that went into this volume.

David H. Price, L. Ac., M.O.M., B.A.(from his forward)

Generated out of a sincere interest to assist other martial artists in making wise choices about how and when to use or not to use herbal treatments to augment their martial arts practices, the author has utilized her considerable expertise in research and her natural flair for writing to create a book destined to become an instant classic both for herbalists and martial artists.

Tom Bisio, L. Ac., author of A Tooth From The Tiger’s Mouth, The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang, and Zheng Gu Tui Na

A well researched and concise treatise on the herbs used to treat trauma and sports injuries. Provides an accessible alternative to Chinese herbal medicine for the athlete and martial artist.

Jennifer Lawler, martial artist, author of Martial Arts for Dummies, Dojo Wisdom, and The Self Defense Deck

A well-researched guide that is practical, helpful and informative. This book will be especially useful for Westerners without much background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western Herbs for Martial Artists and Contact Athletes has earned a place on my bookshelf.

Brigitte Mars, A.H.G, Professor of Herbal Medicine,, author of Rawsome!, Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Beauty by Nature, and Addiction Free Naturally

Such a practical, wise and well-researched guide to successfully using herbs! This book selects herbs from both Western and Eastern traditions and provides information on safety, dosage, usage and all things valuable on each plant. This book will be treasured by martial artists and health professionals of all traditions. Destined to be a classic!

Lawrence A. Kane, martial artist, author of Surviving Armed Assaults, Martial Arts Instruction, The Little Black Book of Violence, The Way to Black Belt, and The Way of Kata

While much has been written about traditional Asian remedies, many of which are challenging to come by in many parts of the world, this is the first time I have seen a treatise on Western herbs. Peterson’s examination is methodical and comprehensive, documenting findings in a way that makes the subject matter highly accessible for martial artists (and athletes of any type). Specifically, readily available herbs that can help with bruises, scrapes, cuts, sprains, breaks, dislocations, breathing, adrenaline management, and other issues and ailments common to those who practice the fighting arts are discussed in detail. Her nine principles for using medicinal herbs safely set the context, while descriptions of affects, dosages, dangers, risks, and usefulness of each plant round out the information. Western Herbs for Martial Artists and Contact Athletes is a unique and interesting tome, a valuable contribution to the serious practitioner’s bookshelf.

Bruce Fratzis, Taoist lineage holder, author of Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body, and The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi

Herbs can be a great way to help heal bruises, scrapes, swellings and other injuries from all kinds of contact sports. Since ancient times, martial artists in China have been using herbal treatments. Peterson’s book is unusual in that it looks at herbs readily available in the West rather than Eastern remedies.

Jim Barnes, Editor of Independent Publisher

Herbal medicine expertise has long been the realm of Chinese practitioners, but Western martial artists need information about using Western herbs. This book brings a commonsense approach to treating injuries with 64 herbs readily available at American health food stores. By demystifying a complicated topic with well-organized, plainspoken advice, Dr. Peterson has given athletes a unique and valuable resource.

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