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Book: Chinese Tui Na Massage by Xu Xiangcai

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 236

Illustrations: 135

Code: B043

ISBN: 1-886969-04-3

Release Date: June 1, 2002

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Massage is one of the essential foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tui Na, literally "Push Grab," has been practiced by Chinese martial artists, Qigong practitioners and healers for thousands of years. Specializing in injury repair and curing illness, Tui Na massage can also maintain your health by adjusting your Qi in order to flow smoothly. It will increase your Qi and blood circulation in particular areas or throughout your entire body, removing blockages and stagnations caused by injuries, exercise and/or aging. Tui Na massage is also a wonderful way to relieve stress and recover from a hard day on the job or a tough workout.

Chinese Tui Na Massage is systematic, concise, practical and easy to read. Originally published in China, this re-edited edition (the 4th book in our Practical TCM series) provides both theory and practical techniques.

  • Prevent illness by improving Qi and blood flow.
  • Recover quickly from fatigue, aches, and soreness.
  • Repair injuries, relieve stress and physical tension.
  • Ideal for professional therapists, martial artists & anyone with an active lifestyle.

Xu Xiangcai

Xu Xiangcai, was born in 1943 in a small village on the banks of the Yellow River near the city of Jinan, the capital of Shandong province of China. During his childhood, he lived a poor life but had a very rich mind. Once he was asked what do he wanted to do when he grew up. 'Something unusual!' was his answer.

5 starsAn Excellent, Technically Detailed Reference Gregory T. Candy (Amazon reviewer) October, 2002

Chinese Tui Na Massage: The Essential Guide To Treating Injuries, Improving Health & Balancing Qi is a straightforward teaching guide by Xiangcai Xu to the ancient art of Tui Na massage. An excellent, technically detailed reference, Chinese Tui Na Massage introduces an eastern physical therapy, which is a preventive health care regime utilizing acupoints, common Tui Na manipulations, and the practice of using Tui Na to treat a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions ranging from colds and headaches, to carpal tunnel syndrome and acute lumbar sprain. Chinese Tui Na Massage is a highly recommended addition to Eastern Medicine and Martial Arts reference collections and reading lists.

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