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Book: Natural Healing with Qigong by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Natural Healing with Qigong—Therapeutic Qigong

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 140

Illustrations: 142

Code: B0010

ISBN: 1-59439-001-0

Release Date: January 1, 1900

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Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD

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In this book, Dr. Kuhn effectively explains and demonstrates how Therapeutic Qigong is a valuable and important adjunct to good health care. Her helpful directions and clear illustrations demonstrate this simple yet powerful Qigong routine that anyone can use to improve and then maintain their health.

Therapeutic Qigong is a form of medical Qigong that was created in the early 1970's, by Dr. Zhuang Yuanmin and other expert Chinese Medical Doctors at the University of Sports Medicine in Shanghai China. This Qigong routine combines physical exercises, stretching, breathing and self-massage. By enhancing energy and blood circulation, Therapeutic Qigong can accelerate the body's healing process and immunity, to help relieve illness and prevent disease.

Therapeutic Qigong is easy to learn and easy to practice. The program is divided into six groups. Each group focuses on different muscles and joints to achieve maximum benefit. You only need 15-30 minutes per day to enjoy the results of this effective Qigong regimen. If you are new to Qigong, you can work on individual groups until you are ready to add others.

"Wellness takes work; achieving and maintaining good health requires the cooperation and coordination of our mind, body, and spirit." - Jean A. Lacey (Instructor, Newbury College MA).

  • Categories, definitions and a brief history of Qigong.
  • Relationship between Qi and our attitudes.
  • How energy effects our body.
  • Exercises; Neck, Shoulders, Back, Hips, Legs, Arms, Elbows, Hands & Wrists.

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD

Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D., is a Chinese medical doctor trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a graduate of the Hunan Medical University, Changsha China. In China, Dr. Kuhn practiced OB/GYN in Chinese hospitals (1983-1988), studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung (since 1978) and returns each year to advance her training in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts.

5 starsExcellent Background and Instructions, Shawn A "Shawn" (Amazon reviewer) March, 2006

This book gets to the point quickly describing the history of Qigong, along with the medical background and overall benefits of practicing Qigong. It is a quick and informative read and leads up very effectively to a "how-to" instructional. Its often difficult to describe the physical movements and mind/breathing techniques without seeing the demonstration, but this book does an excellent job with detailed descriptions. I highly recommend this book to practitioners, novices, and to future/present instructors.

Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews. October/November/December 2004

The author does a good job explaining the meanings and benefits of the practice...She uses excellent photos and captions to lead the reader through the movements. We rated this book four hearts.

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