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Book: Simple Chinese Medicine by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

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Book: Paperback

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Pages: 262

Illustrations: 84

Code: B1248

ISBN: 978-1-59439-124-8

Release Date: May 1, 2009

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Book Award Living Now Book Award

Written for those new to natural healing, Simple Chinese Medicine gives you tools that you can use today to improve your quality of life and begin your healing journey. Based upon centuries old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), readers are provided simple-to-do exercises for stress relief, health maintenance, and cancer prevention. Additional sections include guidance on using food for healing and for weight control. Careful attention is given to explaining the differences between Eastern healing methods and Western treatment methods, as well as an insightful discussion of TCM’s concept of ‘prevention’ for health maintenance. A final section shares the personal experiences of some of Dr. Kuhn’s patients.

Contents include:
  • Healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Differences in Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
  • TCM Diagnostic Method
  • Seeking the Right Medical Care
  • Food Healing in Chinese Medicine
  • Food Balance
  • Healthy Balanced Diet and Weight Reduction
  • Weight Control Program—Food and Exercise Log
  • Exercises for Healing, Disease Prevention, and Good Health
  • Cancer Prevention and Healing
  • Exercise Routines for Healing Cancer
  • Chinese Medicine’s Secrets of Good Health and Longevity
  • Trends in Longevity

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD

Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D., is a Chinese medical doctor trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a graduate of the Hunan Medical University, Changsha China. In China, Dr. Kuhn practiced OB/GYN in Chinese hospitals (1983-1988), studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung (since 1978) and returns each year to advance her training in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts.


Bronze Winner – 2010 IP's Living Now Award

Finalist – 2010 USA Best Book Award

Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi Day, author

Dr. Aihan Kuhn has created a brilliant converge of Traditional Chinese Medicine's role in modern society. Dr. Kuhn's book is an important part of…improving the quality of life of people.

Dr. Jinxing Jiang, M.D. Attending Physician, John Stroger Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

An excellent source for natural healing and alternative treatments. You can find many ways in this book to keep your health and to treat some type of disease.

Victoria Medaglia, patient

As we acknowledge our unhealthy diet, Americans look for better food and better practices to help us control our appetites and improve our health. We seek to undo the damage we've done and help our children avoid our mistakes. This book offers a comprehensive, manageable set of lifestyle options.

Jim Agnetta, patient

Dr. Kuhn's ability to explain how environmental conditions like diet, exercise, and stress affect the body's biology is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

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