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DVD: Facing Violence by Rory Miller

Facing Violence—7 Things Every Martial Artist Must Know

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Run Time: 129min

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Narration: English

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Code: D2283

ISBN: 978-1-59439-228-3

Release Date: May 1, 2012

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Is Your Self-Defense Training Based in Reality?

Rory Miller explains seven elements that must be addressed to adapt your self-defense training for the most common types of street violence. Any training that dismisses any of these areas leaves you vulnerable to a potentially deadly violent assault and you might be training yourself to go to jail.

1. Legal and ethical implications. Every martial artist must learn force law, and explore his or her own ethical limitations. Mr. Miller explores this issue so you may determine where this often-overlooked ethical line lies within yourself.

2. Violence dynamics. Unfortunately, many martial arts and self-defense classes do not train for reality-based violence, focused upon how attacks most-commonly happen. Mr. Miller teaches you to recognize an attack before it happens and know what kind of attack you are facing.

3. Avoidance. You will learn and practice escape and evasion, verbal de-escalation, and avoidance of dangerous situations.

4. Counter-ambush. In the unfortunate event that you are attacked unexpectedly, you will need a handful of actions trained to reflex level for a sudden violent attack.

5. Breaking the freeze. Freezing is almost universal in a sudden attack, even for experienced law personnel and expert martial artists. Students must learn to recognize a freeze and break out of one in order to react to an attack quickly.

6. The fight itself. Mr. Miller explains that your training needs to be in line with how violence really happens in the world.

7. The aftermath. There are potential legal, psychological, and medical effects of engaging in violence, no matter how justified.

Any teacher or student of self-defense, and any person who desires a deeper understanding of violence needs to understand the concepts taught in this program.


Rory Miller

Rory Miller has served for seventeen years in corrections as an officer and sergeant working maximum security, booking and mental health; leading a tactical team; and teaching subjects ranging from Defensive Tactics and Use of Force to First Aid and Crisis Communications with the Mentally Ill.

5 stars"Absolutely brilliant", Tyr Shadowblade (Amazon reviewer) Sept 2012

I have seen dozens of self defense videos and this is, by far, the best - even though it does not discuss moves or techniques at all. Technique is secondary to proper mindset, and as Rory says, he doesn't want to teach you how to fight like him - every student needs to discover what moves feel right for them rather than copying some instructor. Very good advice about how blindly copying technique will make you an inferior fighter, and how most common sparring methods are setting you up to fail in an actual fight. Absolutely brilliant instruction. Rory is the best instructor I have ever seen . . . and I have seen all the top rated guys over the past two decades. This DVD gets my highest recommendation.

5 starsFacing Violence, Guro John (Amazon reviewer) May, 2012

EXCELLENT! This should be mandatory viewing for all martial artists. Mr. Miller has put together a very succinct and knowledgeable format on the current state of violence in the United States, plus touching on the cultural and social norms of other countries. The drills were very good and I picked up a few new tricks for my students and me to play with. But, the MOST important parts of this video are the very first and the very last sections.

Legal and Ethical Implications is worth the price of admission. We typically do not think about today's current laws, only what we have trained. This can be so wrong. A lot of our combat/family arts have been passed down to us from generations long ago with much different legal and social systems from the ones we live with today.

Aftermath should be like dessert, something to take in small bites so you can contemplate and savor each morsel. Mr. Miller's suggestions as to what to say and not say, how you will react, etc. is very important. The suggestion that nobody can tell you what is the right or wrong way to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter is a necessary thought process. If the person with more initials after their name hasn't lived through what you just did, how can they truly understand?

Do you really know how you are going to cope with being involved in an act of extreme violence? If you are not sure or even think you're sure you should watch this video!

5 starsA Terrific and Must Have DVD for Any Martial Artist, Jason Cook (Amazon reviewer) May, 2012
Much like the book Facing Violence, this DVD is simply amazing and needs to be on your shelf. Rory Miller breaks everything down into simple terms and covers the legal and ethical implications, violence dynamics, how to avoid dangerous situations, and so much more. A lot of instructors will teach you how to fight, maybe how to win, Rory Miller takes the time to talk about the realities of what can and will happen, with freezing up to the after math of the violence. Not buying this DVD is doing yourself a disservice.

5 starsVery Honest and Informative, Dale J. Bellard, Jr. "daddydale30" (Amazon reviewer) May, 2012
This DVD was, in my opinion, outstanding and very informative. Rory continues to keep my interest and mind open. He discusses and gives examples of the multifaceted violence contiuum, from before it happens to the aftermath. He pulls no punches and tells it like it is with straightforward honesty. Thank you, Rory, for bringing your book to life on DVD so that we can understand better what you gave stated in the written form!

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