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DVD: Qigong for Healing by Lisa B. O'Shea

Qigong for Healing

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Run Time: 180min

Number of discs: 1

Narration: English

Region Encoding: All Regions

Code: D2320

ISBN: 978-1-59439-232-0

Release Date: November 1, 2011

Skill Level: Skill level 1 recomended Skill Level 2 Skill Level 3

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The Chinese word qi means energy, and it refers to the bioelectric energy which flows through every cell of the body. Qigong (chi kung), or “energy work”, is the practice of cultivating the energy in the body and harmonizing it with the natural energy around us.

In this easy-to-follow program, Lisa B. O’Shea demystifies this healing tradition in a logical, straightforward manner. You will learn to sense, to develop, and to control this subtle and pervasive spark of life, a skill that often leads practitioners to abundant levels of energy.

You will learn to clear stagnant energy in the body, resolve physical, psychological and emotional issues at their energetic roots, and stimulate the body’s energy channels to heal yourself or a partner.

  • Locate and remove blockages that interfere with health and vitality
  • Increase overall energy by nourishing the body with qi
  • Learn the highly effective Rising Lotus Medical Qigong form

Qigong can be practiced by people of all ages, and requires no prior experience or special abilities. A little practice each day can result in a profound improvement in your health.


Lisa B. O'Shea

Lisa B. O’Shea is a certified YMAA qigong master, a certified qigong therapist with the Chinese Healing Arts Center founded by Master T.K. Shih, and certified in reiki and hypnotherapy. Lisa operates the Qigong Institute of Rochester where she offers classes and private qi healing therapy. She travels regularly for seminars on qi healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutrition. Lisa B. O’Shea resides in Rochester, New York.

5 starsThe Title Says it All, V. Ford (Amazon reviewer) November, 2011

Lisa O'Shea is that remarkable combination of passionate practitioner and gifted teacher. I had the good fortune to study with her when I lived in Rochester where she holds many of her classes and, since moving, I have missed being able to follow her gentle, clear instructions and her exquisite demonstration of the movements. This DVD has it all - and has taken up permanent residence in my DVD player. Lisa has taken some of the most difficult aspects of Chinese Medicine and delivered them to us with clarity and beauty and glowing spirituality. Wherever you are in your healing practice, you will be blessed by what she offers on this DVD.

5 starsFantastic Qigong DVD, Karen Kohl (Amazon reviewer) October, 2011
Qigong for Healing is a must have for anyone interested in the healing arts. Lisa O'Shea explains qigong in a comprehensible manner for all to understand. The energy flow and energy blockages explanations are very clear and concise. This DVD walks you through step-by-step on how to feel your own energy as well as how to feel (scan) another's energy in a safe manner. The exercises are not only graceful and beautiful but they feel awesome. Thank you Lisa for sharing your expertise with us!!

5 starsRecommend Enthusiastically, Carol Wycoff (Amazon reviewer) October, 2011
This video has met my expectations and more. I have been studying qigong for a few years but I have not been able to learn really directed healing qigong until I discovered this video. Lisa is a talented teacher who kept me engaged even in the material I am familiar with. The directions are clear and easy to follow. It seemed as if Lisa was right there in my living room as she was instructing.

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