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DVD: Qigong for Women: Beginner Exercises by Lisa B. O'Shea

Qigong for Women—Ancient Healing Wisdom for Modern Women

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Run Time: 217min

Number of discs: 1

Narration: English

Menus/Subtitles: English

Region Encoding: All Regions

Code: D2566

ISBN: 978-1-59439-2566

Release Date: November 2012

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Ancient healing wisdom for modern women

Lisa B. O’Shea teaches you how to understand the different aspects of your body’s energy, how to discover problems in your circulation, and qigong exercises to help you improve your health. Qigong (energy work) is a Chinese healing system that has been practiced for centuries.

Part One. The five elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This theory divides the body into networks called organ systems, which control the energy flow in your body and are responsible for keeping you healthy and balanced.

Part Two. Qi (energy) cultivation. Included are detailed discussions about how energy imbalances within organ systems can affect you physically and emotionally, and how those imbalances can influence the relationships you have with others.

  • Clear your energy blockages and increase your circulation
  • Balance your emotions and improve your mental and physical health
  • Heal yourself and age gracefully with Qigong and meditation
  • Learn Qigong to heal specific organs and chronic diseases

Part Three. The Yin Essence Meditation. Once you learn this powerful meditation, you can help increase your energy for longevity and constitutional health.

This program is accessible to women of all ages and abilities, and can be practiced seated.

Take charge of your health and develop a deep sense of balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Download the Qigong for Women DVD booklet (PDF).


Lisa B. O'Shea

Lisa B. O’Shea is a certified YMAA qigong master, a certified qigong therapist with the Chinese Healing Arts Center founded by Master T.K. Shih, and certified in reiki and hypnotherapy. Lisa operates the Qigong Institute of Rochester where she offers classes and private qi healing therapy. She travels regularly for seminars on qi healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutrition. Lisa B. O’Shea resides in Rochester, New York.

5 starsGreat gift for the women in your life
by Zenpony (Amazon)

If you are a woman,have mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, friends then buy this DVD for them. Having survived the surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer five years ago, I know the value of Qigong for women. I am a tai chi/qigone instructor and have used these modalities for healing. For me, the arm movements and twisting at the groin/hip joint/kua are helpful in getting the lymphatic system flowing.

This is a very easy to follow DVD, spoken and filmed clearly...Buy one copy for your self, and give others as gifts to all your friends and relatives. The gift of good health is priceless.

Five Stars by Maril (Amazon)
Every woman should have this DVD and use it. It is a must have for sure. Kudos and thank you, Lisa, for your wonderful lessons for healing.

Curve Magazine

Midewest Book Review: Wisconsin Bookwatch

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