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Kung Fu and Tai Chi Uniforms: Black or White

Traditional Design and Natural Silk Fabric

Whether you are training martial arts like Kung Fu or Tai Chi, or just relaxing, your choice of clothing makes a big difference in how you will feel. Natural materials have been used for centuries as casual wear and for practice, because they harmonize with your body; they can cool you when you're hot, and warm you when it is cool. Raw noil silk is increasingly rare and hard to get, but we have found the best available quality silk for these uniforms. We're certain you'll find YMAA apparel is the most comfortable and highest quality available. We invite you to feel the difference. Made in the USA. All-Natural 100% Noil Silk.
Silk Jacket

Noil Silk Jacket
(Black, White)


5 stars"Excellent". Richard Lew, CA.

Very good prices on uniforms; the fit and construction is unsurpassed, the delivery is quick, and great customer satisfaction and service.

Questions about YMAA Tai Chi Apparel? Here are some answers.

  • How do natural fabrics "harmonize" with your body?
    Man-made fabrics, such as those containing polyester, create an unnatural electrical field around your body which can make you feel uncomfortable. Raw Silk and Organic Cotton are soft and breathable all-natural fabrics, and they do not have any adverse effect on your body's energetic circulation.
  • Is it “raw” or “polished” silk?
    This is the most popular silk clothing in the world because they are made of high-quality raw silk. Unlike the shiny silk usually seen in demonstrations and competitions with glaring colors, this uniform is made in the traditional way with neutral colors and from thicker, more durable raw silk. Raw silk looks and feels soft and comfortable like cotton.
  • Is it 100% Silk or a blend?
    Unlike other uniforms out there, this is made from 100% of the finest raw silk available. It has low sheen and resists wrinkle. Hand-stitched in California, USA.
  • Is silk hot to wear?
    Silk is an amazing material. Because it is a natural fiber, rather than man-made, it doesn't interfere with your body's circulation or temperature regulation. It keeps you warm when you need it, and it breathes and dries quickly when you work up a sweat. That's why we love it!
  • Is it machine washable?
    Yes, wash it at home like cotton in cold water and hang to dry. It has been pre-washed to minimize bleeding and shrinking. The first time you wash it, put it in your machine alone on cold setting.
  • Does it need to be dry-cleaned?
    No, just wash at home on cold and hang to dry. You may want to iron it every few times that you wash it to keep it smooth and looking its best.
  • Will the colors bleed?
    No, it has been pre-washed. The first time you wash it, put it in your machine alone on cold setting and then hang to dry.
  • How is the sizing?
    The uniforms are available in sizes XS - XXL, so please view the chart to see what size best match your body type. We recommend that you order the same size you would wear in a sweatshirt or sweatpants. The uniform should be loose and comfortable. Some hemming may be required; everyone's body is different.
  • How big/loose should the uniform be?
    Choose pants by knowing your leg length (See chart: Side Seam) and your waist size (See chart: Waist relaxed and waist stretched). The pants should allow you to bend or squat without resistance. The sleeves should be the long enough that they rest on the back of your hand. Everyone's body is different, and you may find that the size you prefer the diameter of needs a bit of hemming in the arms or legs.
  • How long will the uniform last?
    You will get years of enjoyment if properly cared for. Several of us in the YMAA offices and many people in YMAA Schools worldwide wear these uniforms very often, sometimes several times per week. When washed, dried, and handled correctly, the uniform should last several years.
  • Why is it so inexpensive?
    Others are selling similar uniforms at higher prices, and most of these are NOT 100% Raw silk or Organic Cotton. The fact is that we decided to redesign the uniforms at a higher cost to ourselves to create the highest quality uniform possible, and we're keeping the price as low as possible, so that more people can enjoy these traditional-style uniforms as much as we do here at YMAA.
  • What is the origin of the chinese silk clothing?
    To learn more about how the Chinese developed silk clothing and how it gained relevance in martial arts society, read "Traditional Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu silk clothing".
  • Why "organic" cotton?
    Conventional cotton is called the "world's dirtiest crop", because growing it requires an enormous amount of pesticides, which has a huge environmental impact and presents health risks for those working around it. In recent years, that amounts to about 55 million pounds of toxic pesticides being sprayed on 12.8 million acres of cotton, according to the Organic Trade Association. It may cost less to manufacture and buy conventional cotton initially, but the hidden costs to the soil, water, and farmers are high. When you buy organic cotton, you are voting for a time-tested farming method that improves the soil and water each year, and yields the highest quality cotton on Earth. Read More

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