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SEMINARS: Martial Arts, Taijiquan, Qigong and Meditation

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March 2017: Life Systems Martial Arts / Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu Host Dr. Yang in Greenwood, IN, USA

Dr. Yang in Greenwood, IN
Date Subject Description
March 25, 2017 9am - 12pm: Chin Na Levels 1-5 & Leg Chin Na Chin Na techniques from the YMAA curriculum. All levels welcome.
2pm - 5pm: Chin Na Levels 1-5 & Taiji Chin Na Chin Na techniques from the YMAA curriculum. All levels welcome.
March 26, 2017 9am - 12pm: Soft Qigong Qigong for improving body mechanics and Qi flow for all internal practice.
2pm - 5pm: Taiji Ball Qigong Exercises for strengthening the body and increasing mobility for all internal styles.

Download the flyer for more information.

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March/April 2017: YMAA Andover Annual Workshops with Dr. Yang in Andover, MA, USA

YMAA Andover Workshops
Date Subject Description
March 28, 2017
Push Hands & Chin Na 6pm - 9pm: Tai Chi Pushing Hands trains you to sense your opponent's intention, neutralize their Jin (power), and then counterattack. Chin Na is the art of joint-locking. Participants can choose to devote more time to Pushing Hands or Chin Na, as groups may be divided.
March 31, 2017
Tai Chi Ball 6pm - 9pm: Tai Chi Ball trains your body to become stronger and more flexible, relieving many health issues including lower back pain. It will also promote energy circulation. Bring a soccer-sized ball or inquire in advance about a wooden Tai Chi ball.
April 1-2, 2017
(Saturday, Sunday)
Medical Qigong Sat.: 10am - 1pm, (lunch break), 3pm - 6pm
Sun.:9am - 12pm, (lunch break), 2pm - 5pm

This course will include specialized Qigong exercises for common health issues and conditions. It will be approximately 40% lecture and 60% practice.

Download flyers below:

Check for updates at YMAA Andover website.

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April 2017: AKKA Karate Hosts Dr. Yang in Olathe, KS, USA

Dr. Yang in Olathe, KS
Date Subject Description
April 6-7, 2017 6pm - 9pm: Shaolin Chin Na Chin Na (Qin Na) is the art of seizing and controlling an opponent. It is a fast and effective way to subdue an attacker using joint locks, cavity press, bone misplacement, muscle/tendon twisting, and artery sealing. Smooth flowing Chin Na techniques are simple to execute and difficult to escape. Dr. Yang discusses, demonstrates, and teaches the Chin Na techniques up-close and in detail. Thursday session.
April 8-9, 2017 9am - 12pm: Understanding Chi Kung (Qigong) Chi Kung (Qi Gong) means “Energy Work”. Chi is defined as the bioelectricity that permeates every cell of our bodies. Chi Kung can be described as the art and practice of adjusting and regulating the body’s energy for health, vitality, and longevity. In this seminar, Dr. Yang will introduce and discuss the core root concepts and strategies of proper and successful Chi Kung practice.
2pm - 5pm: Taiji Pushing Hands The practice of Pushing Hands trains the martial arts student to develop sensitive feeling, or “Listening Jin” to sense to an opponent’s intention, understand their Jin (power), neutralize it, and then counterattack. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming clearly instructs the finer details of step-by-step Pushing Hands training, and with an emphasis on understanding the emitting of Jin and its applications. Techniques are taught solo and with a partner, from the most basic to advanced.

Download the flyer here.

Check for updates at AKKA Karate's Facebook page.

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July/August 2017: YMAA Retreat Center Summer Seminars 2017


Week-long intensive seminars at the YMAA Retreat Center in Northern CA, with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, from July 7 until August 18, 2017.

There are no prerequisites for any seminar! All levels of experience, any background, and any style are welcome to attend.

Date Subject Description
July 7-14, 2017 Qigong-1 (Theory/Foundation and Embryonic Breathing) Introductory Qigong with lecture on how to conserve and build Qi, as well as finding focus of the mind.
July 14-21, 2017 Qigong-3 (Hard Qigong) Qigong for energizing and strengthening the body through Muscle/Tendon Changing and White Crane Hard Qigong exercises.
July 21-28, 2017 Qigong-4 (Soft Qigong) Qigong for relaxation, health, and improved circulation within the body. Improve longevity, clarity of the mind, and stress management.
July 28 - August 4, 2017 Taijiquan/Taiji Staff Basics Yang-Style Long Form - The Essentials to Tai Chi practice Heal
Taiji Staff - Fundamental techniques for getting a handle on controlling and fully utilizing long weapons
August 4-11, 2017 Taiji Pushing Hands/Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands Pushing Hands for all levels - Improving center, stability, body structure, and mind
Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands (Silk Reeling)
August 11-18, 2017 Chin Na / White Crane Joint-lock techniques for all styles and backgrounds.
White Crane blocking, sticking, and fundamental concepts.

For more information about the center please visit the YMAA California Retreat Center's homepage.


August 2017: YMAA Intl European Summer Camp in Aix en Provence, France

YMAA Intl European Summer Camp
Date Subject Description
August 19 - August 27, 2017 Long Fist
White Crane
6 hours per day, covering:
  • Qigong Theory and Meditation
  • Shaolin/Taijiquan Forms and Martial Applications
  • Taijiquan Fighting Set
  • White Crane 2 Short Rods
  • Staff/Spear

Full details and registration are on the YMAA Intl European Summer Camp website.

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September 2017: Ancient Fighting Arts Hosts Dr. Yang in Pittsfield, VT, USA

Date Subject Description
September 23-24, 2017 9am - 5pm: Push Hands and Chin Na (Joint Locks) Pushing hands trains you to develop a sensitivity to your opponent's intention and power. Chin Na consists of joint-lock techniques applicable to any martial arts style.

Download the flyer here.

Check for updates at Ancient Fighting Arts' page.

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