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SEMINARS: Martial Arts, Taijiquan, Qigong and Meditation

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July/August 2014: YMAA Retreat Center Summer Seminars 2014


Week-long intensive seminars at the YMAA Retreat Center in Northern CA, with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, from July 4 until August 15, 2014.

Contact Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming by email or at +1 (707) 502-8739 for registration.

There are no prerequisites for any seminar! All levels of experience, any background, and any style are welcome to attend. Groups are divided accordingly.

Date Subject Description
July 4-11, 2014 Taiji/Shaolin Qin Na (Chin Na) & White Crane

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming,
Nicholas C. Yang
Basic White Crane training will make all Qin Na techniques more skillful. Participants will learn White Crane basics first and then apply them into Taiji and Shaolin Qin Na. This seminar will be divided into two different groups: Shaolin Qin Na and Taiji Qin Na. The groups will further be divided depending on students' past experience.
July 11-18, 2014 Taijiquan / Taiji Saber

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
In this seminar, you should choose either Taijiquan or Taiji Saber. Naturally, if you have some Taijiquan experience from before, this experience will help you learn Taiji Saber faster and more accurately. The Taijiquan group will focus on learning either body postures, breathing techniques, and a section of the Yang-Style Long Form.
July 18-25, 2014 Taiji Pushing Hands with Martial Applications

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
According to the participants' varying levels of experience, different groups will be formed, ranging from from no experience to intermediate and advanced. It is important to build good habits and fundamentals early on in Pushing Hands practice. Pushing Hands will help practitioners better feel and understand effective Taijiquan techniques.
July 25 - August 1, 2014 Qigong-1 (Introduction, Basic Theory, and Spine Qigong)

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
This Qigong level is the sole prerequisite to all other Qigong seminars. Dr. Yang will thoroughly explain the body’s Qi network and help you understand the Qigong training theory behind it. In addition, Embryonic Breathing Qigong Meditation will be discussed. Simple Spine Qigong exercises will be practiced. These are especially helpful to those who have lower back or spine problems.
August 1-8, 2014
Qigong-3 (Hard Qigong)

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Hard Qigong focuses on conditioning your physical body, following the theory of Muscle/Tendon Changing Qigong. In this level, Tiger Claw Qigong and Hard White Crane Qigong will be discussed and practiced. Hard Qigong practice can slow down physical degeneration for elders. It can also help younger practitioners condition their physical body to a higher level of fitness.
August 8-15, 2014
Qigong-4 (Soft Qigong)

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
In this level, Taiji Qigong and Soft White Crane Qigong will be practiced. These two Qigong sets are not just beneficial for Chinese martial artists but also for those who are serious about health, longevity, and well-being.
  • Taiji/Shaolin Qin Na and White Crane are for all levels – beginners to advanced.
  • Since the dates of the Qin Na include July 4th, we will first need to see if we have enough interested participants. If there are fewer than 10 registrations by March 30th, 2014, this seminar will be cancelled. If you are interested in this seminar, please send us an e-mail ASAP expressing your interest so we have a better idea. If this seminar is cancelled, the money for those who have registered will be refunded.
  • Taijiquan/Taiji Saber is for all levels – beginners to advanced.
  • Taiji Pushing Hands with Applications are for all levels – beginners to advanced.
  • Before taking Qigong-3 and Qigong-4, Qigong-1 is recommended. Qigong-1 will help any Qigong beginner build a firm foundation in theory and learn the basic mechanics for spine movement, structure, and alignment. After taking Qigong-1, any other Qigong seminar may be taken.

More information about visiting the Retreat Center during the seminar season and during the non-seminar season can be found on:


July 2014: YMAA Portugal National Summer Camp 2014

Date Subject Description
July 29 - August 3, 2014 Taijiquan and Shaolin Annual YMAA Portugal Summer Camp. All countries, all schools, all levels, and all styles welcome to attend. To be preceded by the annual YMAA Portugal Championship tournament event on July 26-28. The tournament is co-sponsored by several other local schools, instructors, and masters around Lisbon.

Check for updates at YMAA Portugal website.


October 2014: Dr. Yang European Tour: Iceland, Ireland, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal

Location Dates and Subjects Sponsor Contact Link
Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2-8, 2014 (Thu - Wed)
Topics, exact days, and times still to be determined.
Thora HaldorsdottirContact Sponsor
Dublin, Ireland
October 9-12, 2014 (Thu - Sun)
Topics, exact days, and times still to be determined.
YMAA IrelandContact Sponsor
Izernore, France
October 13, 2014 (Mon)
Taiji Pushing Hands and Applications (3 hours in the evening).
YMAA FranceContact Sponsor
October 14, 2014 (Tue)
Taiji Ball (3 hours in the morning).
Taiji Sword (3 hours in the afternoon).
Dijon, France
October 15-17, 2014 (Wed - Fri)
Topics, exact days, and times still to be determined.
YMAA FranceContact Sponsor
Paris/Vincennes, France
October 17, 2014 (Fri)
Peng/Lu/Ji/An and Cai/Lie/Zhou/Kao, The First 8 Taijiquan Postures and Applications (3 hours in the evening).
YMAA FranceContact Sponsor
October 18, 2014 (Sat)
Four Seasons Qigong (3 hours in the morning + 3 hours in the afternoon).
October 19, 2014 (Sun)
Taiji Pushing Hands Cai/Lie/Zhou/Kao Routine (3 hours in the morning).
Taiji/Shaolin Chin Na (3 hours in the afternoon).
Krakow, Poland
October 20-26, 2014 (Mon - Sun)
Topics, exact days, and times still to be determined.
YMAA PolandContact Sponsor
Naples, Italy
October 27-30, 2014 (Mon - Thu)
Topics, exact days, and times still to be determined.
YMAA ItalyContact Sponsor
Lisbon, Portugal
November 1-2, 2014 (Sat - Sun)
Qigong - Grand Circulation (12 hours total; 6 hours per day).
YMAA PortugalContact Sponsor

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