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Schedule/Details - YMAA California Summer Seminars

Welcome to the YMAA Retreat Center!

The YMAA Retreat Center, located in the mountainous terrain of Humboldt County in Northern California, is the location of Dr. Yang's full-time training program. Every summer, we invite everybody to join us in week-long intensive seminars at the center to experience this ideal setting for training, which allows one to attain higher levels of skill and understanding. Building upon the popular seminar series by Dr. Yang around the world, the topics of Taijiquan, Taiji Sword and Martial Applications, Pushing Hands, and Qigong, will continue under the direct instruction of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Due to the Center's remote location, lodging availability is limited, which ensures smaller groups and a better quality of learning and interaction. Interested participants should contact YMAA as soon as possible for reservations. Discounts available for YMAA Students.




Details Below

After we calculate the cost, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You may pay by sending a check to: Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, P.O. Box 290, Miranda, CA 95553 or through PayPal (please e-mail us for details). If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Yang or Nicholas Yang by e-mail or cell phone +1 707-502-8739.

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YMAA Retreat Center Summer Seminars 2016


Seminars (Limit 21 Persons Per Seminar)

Date Subject Description
July 7-14, 2017 Qigong-1 (Theory/Foundation and Embryonic Breathing) Introductory Qigong with lecture on how to conserve and build Qi, as well as finding focus of the mind.
July 14-21, 2017 Qigong-3 (Hard Qigong) Qigong for energizing and strengthening the body through Muscle/Tendon Changing and White Crane Hard Qigong exercises.
July 21-28, 2017 Qigong-4 (Soft Qigong) Qigong for relaxation, health, and improved circulation within the body. Improve longevity, clarity of the mind, and stress management.
July 28 - August 4, 2017 Taijiquan/Taiji Staff Basics Yang-Style Long Form - The Essentials to Tai Chi practice Heal
Taiji Staff - Fundamental techniques for getting a handle on controlling and fully utilizing long weapons
August 4-11, 2017 Taiji Pushing Hands/Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands Pushing Hands for all levels - Improving center, stability, body structure, and mind
Yin-Yang Symbol Sticking Hands (Silk Reeling)
August 11-18, 2017 Chin Na / White Crane Joint-lock techniques for all styles and backgrounds.
White Crane blocking, sticking, and fundamental concepts.


Meditation (Embryonic Breathing)/(Lecture and Practice) – Free for all participants

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Time Friday Monday Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
6:00-6:30 Departure & Pickup Rest Qigong Lecture (Free)
6:30-7:10 Rest Meditation (Free)
7:10-7:40 Rest Rest
7:40-9:00 Breakfast Breakfast & Free Time
9:00-12:00 Sightseeing Seminar
12:00-12:40 Lunch Lunch
12:40-16:00 Free Time Free Time
16:00-19:00 Sight-Seeing Seminar
19:00-19:40 Dinner Dinner
(20:30-21:30) Sauna (only Sundays/Thursdays; will only open if 4 or more people sign up)
19:40-22:00 Movie Free Time
  • Wifi Internet available at YMAA Retreat Center, bring your own laptop for access. Donations accepted.
  • Sauna available. Donations accepted.
  • Sightseeing Days: Redwood Forest ($10), Beach ($20)



  1. To Eureka/Arcata (Airport Code: ACV)(Please Contact Us First To Confirm Pickup Time) :
    If you are able to arrive at the airport for pickup by us at either 3:00pm or 7:00pm, the round-trip transportation fee is $50 per person. If you are unable to arrive for a 3:00pm or 7:00pm pickup, you can arrange a different pickup time with us, but the round-trip fee will be $100 per person. We would like to encourage carpooling as much as possible to save on gas and reduce pollution, so please try to make the prearranged pickup times. The drive to the center is roughly 90 minutes from the airport. Please bring only necessary luggage due to limited space.
  2. To S. Francisco
    There will not be pickup vehicles waiting in San Francisco since it is a four-hour drive to the center. You may rent a vehicle, preferably one with four-wheel drive. If unable to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive, it is possible to park your vehicle in Miranda (see the parking options in the next section). The number of vehicles permitted on the property is limited. Please also note that we charge a road-maintenance fee for visitors who drive all the way up to the center (see the next section for more details).


***Once you have registered and completed your payment, you will be instructed where and how to park the car if you choose to drive.

  1. Two-Wheel Drive Vehicles :
    WARNING: Driving a two-wheel car to the center is FORBIDDEN. A car with four-wheel drive capability is a necessity. The climb to the center is narrow and ascends at a 38 degree incline. (Two-wheel drive vehicles are unfortunately incapable of making it to the center.) Cell phones do not function well in this remote mountain area, which can make any emergency rescues difficult. Two wheel drive vehicles have the option of parking at a farm near the center at the bottom of the mountain. There is a parking fee of $10 per day at the farm.
  2. Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle (Total 5 cars allowed):
    If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle and wish to drive to the center, please contact us first for approval. Only 5 vehicles are permitted to enter and park at the center. If you can avoid driving, please do so. The road up the mountain is a single-lane gravel roadway. There will be a fee of $20/day for parking and road maintenance if you park at the center. We encourage you to park your car at the farm.


  • You can take a bus to Garberville (about a 20 minute drive from the center) and get picked up by us for a $10 round-trip fee. Buses that stop in Garberville include Amtrak and Greyhound.


The Retreat Center has several lodging options ranging from guest rooms with private bathroom (suite), guest rooms with 2 or 3 beds, cabin rooms with 2 beds, cabin floor or camping. Note that each lodging option must be shared with other seminar participants (as few as 2 people per guest room, or as many as 8 people on the cabin floor). If you have specific lodging requests or questions, please let us know.

Option Cost/Week Cost/4 Weeks Cost/Entire Season
Guest Room
Room #1 (Suite) $300 ($42/Day) $1020 ($36/Day) $1260 ($30/Day)
Room #2 (2 Beds) $260 ($37/Day) $900 ($32/Day) $1130 ($27/Day)
Room #3 (2 Beds) $260 ($37/Day) $900 ($32/Day) $1130 ($27/Day)
Room #4 (3 Beds) $230 ($32/Day) $780 ($28/Day) $1000 ($24/Day)
Cabin Room
Room #1 (Two Single Beds) $155 ($22/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Room #2 (Two Single Beds) $155 ($22/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Cabin Floor
8 Single Floor Mats $110 ($16/Day) $400 ($14/Day) $600 ($14/Day)
Camping (Tent Not Provided)
  Per Person $60/Person $200/Person $300/Person
  Per Tent $120/Tent $380/Tent $550/Tent
YMAA CA Guest Suite
Suite (Guest Room with private bathroom)
YMAA CA Guest Room
Guest Room
YMAA CA Cabin Room
Cabin Room
YMAA CA Cabin Upstairs
Cabin Floor


(***No Special Diet Provided)
(***Lodging Calculated Separately Depending on Choices)

  Before June 1st After June 1st
7-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $900 $1,100
14-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $1,700 $1,900
21-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $2,400 $2,600
28-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $3,250 $3,450
35-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $3,800 $4,000
Entire Season (42 Days) $4,450 $4,700


Because space is limited and we must prepare the help, food, resources, and budget for each seminar, the closer you cancel to the seminar date, the less refund we can offer you. If you have to cancel the seminar after your registration, here is the policy:

Date Amount of Refund Granted
Before January 1st 100% Refund, Minus $50 Service Fee
Before February 28th 90% Refund, Minus $50 Service Fee
Before March 31st 80% Refund, Minus $50 Service Fee
Before April 30th 70% Refund, Minus $50 Service Fee
Before May 31st 60% Refund, Minus $50 Service Fee
After May 31st No Refund

Alternatively, some registrants who cancel may elect to transfer credit over to next year's seminar season. Any transferred credit will only be valid for the following seminar season.

Date Amount of Credit Transferred
Before March 31st 100% Credit Transferred
Before April 30th 80% Credit Transferred
Before May 31st 60% Credit Transferred
After May 31st 50% Credit Transferred

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