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Discounts - YMAA California


  • Save more if you register by the pre-registration deadline (June 1st, 2015).


Package Before June 1st After June 1st
7-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $900 $1,100
14-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $1,700 $1,900
21-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $2,400 $2,600
28-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $3,250 $3,450
35-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar $3,800 $4,000


  • No special diet meals provided in package deals.
  • Lodging (if applicable) is calculated and charged separately. See Lodging Prices.
  • If the depositor cancels at any time, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • All seminars subject to cancellation if the minimum number of 10 pre-registrations is not met (deposits would be refunded).

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