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Seminars in YMAA CA California 2008

YMAA California Seminars
YMAA California Seminars

Everyone is Welcome at the YMAA Retreat Center!

The YMAA Retreat Center, located in the mountain terrain of Humboldt County, Northern California, will be the location of Dr. Yang's 10-year training program. Every Summer, everyone is invited to join the week-long intensive seminars to experience this ideal setting for training, which allows one to attain higher levels of skill and understanding. Building upon the popular seminar series in Boston, MA, the topics of Chin Na (Qin Na), Taijiquan, Pushing Hands, and Qigong, will continue under the instruction of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Due to the Center’s remote location, lodging availability is limited, which ensures smaller groups and a better quality of learning and interaction. Interested participants should contact YMAA as soon as possible for a reservation. Discounts available for YMAA Students.


You may register online and we will email you back with detailed payment options so you may complete the registration process. If you prefer, you may also contact us by phone 707-502-8739 for more information or if you have any question.
We welcome you to join the newest phase of YMAA. We look forward to seeing you at the YMAA California Retreat Center!


Seminars (Limit 20 Persons Per Seminar)

Topic Check In (Friday) Seminar
(12 Hours)
Weekday Training
(Tue - Thu)
(18 Hours)

Chin Na (Level 1 to 6)

July 11

July 12-13

July 15-17

Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan (Level 1-4)

July 18

July 19-20

July 22-24

Taijiquan Pushing Hands (Level 1-4)

July 25

July 26-27

July 29-31

Qigong - 1 (Qigong Theory)

August 1

August 2-3

August 5-7

Qigong - 2 (Medical Qigong)

August 8

August 9-10

August 12-14

Taiji Ball Qigong (Health and Martial Arts)(Level 1-4)

August 15

August 16-17

August 19-21

Meditation (Embryonic Breathing)/(Lecture and Practice) – Free for all participants


Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

6:00 - 6:30 AM

Qigong Meditation Lecture (Door is Closed 6:05 AM)

6:30 - 7:30 AM

Meditation (Embryonic Breathing)

7:30 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast and Rest

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


12:00 - 3:00 PM

Lunch and Rest

3:00 - 6:00 PM


6:00 - 10:00 PM            

Dinner and Free Time

**Wifi Hotspot available at YMAA CA Retreat Center, bring your own laptop for access. Cellular phone service may not be available due to weak signal.



  1. To Eureka/Arcata ($20/Ride)/(Please Contact Us First for Arriving Time):
    By contacting us first, we can arrange a pick up time for you. If you are able to match the pre-arranged time, the fare will merely be $20 per ride. This way, you will share the price with other parties. However, if you are not able to arrive on the pre-arranged pick-up times, a fare of $50 per ride will be required. The drive to the center is roughly 90 minutes from the airport. Bring only necessary luggage due to limited space. Arriving Pick Up Time (Friday Only):  12:00PM, 4:00PM & 8:00PM

  2. To S. Francisco
    There will not be pick-up vehicles waiting in S. Francisco since it is a four-hour drive to the center. You may rent a vehicle, preferably one with four-wheel drive. However,  if unable to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive, it is possible to park your vehicle in Miranda. (Please check the parking options next). The number of vehicles permitted on the property is limited, along with a road-maintenance fee being charged. (Please check the parking options next).


  1. Two-Wheel Drive Vehicles :
    WARNING: Driving a two-wheel car to the center is FORBIDDEN. A car with four-wheel drive capability is a necessity. The climb to the center is narrow and ascends at a 38 degree incline. (Two-wheel drive vehicles are unfortunately incapable of making it to the center.) Cell phones do not function in this remote mountain area, making rescue difficult.

  2. Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle (Total 5 cars allowed):
    If you have a four-wheel vehicle and wish to drive to the center, please contact us first for approval. Only 5 vehicles are permitted to enter and remain at the center. If you can avoid driving, please do so due to the single-lane roadway being capable of only having one car on it at any given time. There will be a fee of $20/day for parking and road maintenance. We encourage you to park the car at the Miranda farm.


Deadline for registration is June 10th. All costs must be paid and there will be NO REFUND if participant decides to cancel after payment. The Center will only accept 20 participants for the Seminars.


The Retreat Center has several lodging options ranging from guest rooms with private bathroom (suite), guest rooms with 2 or 3 beds, cabin rooms with 2 beds, cabin floor or camping. Before selecting your option, please check for availability on the CA lodging page.

YMAA CA Guest Suite
Suite (Guest Room with private bathroom)
YMAA CA Guest Room
Guest Room
YMAA CA Cabin Room
Cabin Room
YMAA CA Cabin Upstairs
Cabin Floor

Option Cost/Week Cost/4 Weeks Cost/Entire Season
Guest Room
Room #1 (Suite) $230 ($33/Day) $850 ($30/Day) $1150 ($27/Day)
(One Double Bed + One Single Bed)
Room #2 (Two Single Beds) $200 ($28/Day) $700 ($25/Day) $1000 ($24/Day)
Room #3 (Two Single Beds) $200 ($28/Day) $700 ($25/Day) $1000 ($24/Day)
Room #4 (Three Single Beds) $180 ($26/Day) $620 ($22/Day) $850 ($20/Day)
Cabin Room
Room #1 (Two Single Beds) $150 ($21/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Room #2 (Two Single Beds) $150 ($21/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Cabin Floor
8 Single Floor Mats $110 ($16/Day) $400 ($14/Day) $600 ($14/Day)
Camping (Tent Not Provided)
  Per Person $50/Person $180/Person $250/Person
  Per Tent $100/Tent $360/Tent $500/Tent


(Seminars and Meals)
(***Lodging Calculated Separately Depending on Choices).

  Before June 10 After June 10

7-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar



14-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar



21-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar



28-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar



35-Day Weekend and Weekday Seminar



Entire Season (42 Days)



Serious students are also welcome to join in the training at YMAA California during non-seminar regular training.

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