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Latest News

Steve Scott featured on Black Belt - November 18, 2022

YMAA author Steve Scott was featured on Gary Goltz’s blog for Black Belt with an excerpt from...

Four YMAA Books Place as Finalists for the 2022 Best Book Awards - November 29, 2022

American Book Fest announced the winners and finalists of the 2022 Best Book Awards. Four of YMAA books received Finalist awards. They are...

Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens: Teaching situational awareness to keep teenagers safe - Midwest Book Review - October 25, 2022

Read the MidWestBookReview.com Review of Spotting Danger Before It Spots Your Teens in the The Parenting Shelf. This is a...

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Interviewed on KungFuMagazine.com  - October 20, 2022

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming was interviewed by Gene Ching.


YMAA Celebrates 40th Anniversary - September 30, 2022

Established in the fall of 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts, Yang’s Martial Arts Association opened its first martial arts school.  Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming’s willingness to teach openly...

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