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Featured Author: Robert Chuckrow

Robert Chuckrow (born in 1936) has studied T’ai Chi, Ch’i Kung, and other movement and healing arts since 1970 under masters such as Cheng Man-ch'ing, William C.C. Chen, Elaine Summers, Alice Holtman, Harvey I. Sober, Kevin Harrington, and Chin Fan-siong. He has taught T’ai Chi extensively, is certified as a master teacher of Kinetic Awareness®, and has authored six books: The Intelligent Dieter’s Guide, Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments, The Tai Chi Book, Tai Chi Walking, Tai Chi Dynamics, and Tai Chi Experiments. His The Tai Chi Book was a finalist among the three best books in the health/medicine category in the Independent Publisher Book Awards. His book, Tai Chi Dynamics, was honored in the martial-arts / alternative-health category by the Independent Publisher Online Magazine Highlighted Title Program, was a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 2008 Book of the Year Awards, won the Eric Hoffer book award, and won the best-book award in health: exercise and fitness from USA Book News.


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YMAA Seminars

Learn from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming at the YMAA Retreat Center. Topics in Summer 2021 includes Medical Qigong, Taiji Ball Qigong, Taijiquan, Taiji Sword, and Taiji Pushing Hands. Learn More >>

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