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Featured Author: Roger Jahnke

Dr. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., is a doctor of Classical Chinese Medicine who has dedicated his professional life to sharing the powerful ancient healing traditions of China. He is the director and chief instructor of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, Santa Barbara, California; and the cofounder and chairperson of the board of the National Qigong Association. He serves as a consultant to hospitals, social service agencies, and corporations in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CAM / IM), wellness, and medical cost reduction.

In Memoriam: Tony Richard Wai Man Chee

We are profoundly sad to announce the loss of our friend and coworker Tony Chee. Tony was a YMAA student since the 1990s and became one of the founders of the YMAA Almada school in Portugal. He assisted Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming on many seminars and projects, and travelled with him to Taiwan, Europe and the USA. Tony was crucial in making the YMAA Retreat Center project a success, by designing the website, attracting donors, and traveling to CA to clear land and help build the structures. He has also been the web designer of YMAA.com since the early 2000s, and an employee at YMAA Publication Center. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.


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Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is traveling again in 2024 to teach around the world. He just recently completed a trip to visit his own...

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