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The Warrior's Manifesto: Ideals for those who Protect and Defend
by Daniel Model

New book: The Warrior's Manifesto

Tai Chi Fusion and Iron

Tai Chi Fusion and Iron by David-Dorian Ross

Free Shipping on Orders $50

Free Shipping on Orders $50

Tai Chi Chuan Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style

New: Training Program 2018

Featured Author: Daniel Modell

Daniel Modell served for twenty years in the New York City Police Department across a range of patrol commands in several boroughs. Awarded some twenty medals and twice promoted during his tenure, he retired as a Lieutenant. He served as Coordinator of the Tactical Training Unit and as Training Coordinator of the Firearms and Tactics Section for the agency. He is a certified Force Science Analyst and functioned, during his tenure with the New York City Police Department and beyond, as a court-certified force expert in criminal and civil cases, a number of them highly publicized.

Daniel Modell

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Dr. Yang Announces New Training Program 2018, Jan. 22, 2018
Dr. Yang has announced he will continue to teach until 2024 at the YMAA Retreat Center ...

Best Selling Tai Chi DVD in Online Sales—Tai Chi Fit: Over 50 by David-Dorian Ross, Jan. 22, 2018
YMAA Publication Center announced today that the DVD Tai Chi Fit: Over 50 by David-Dorian Ross is the best-selling Tai Chi DVD in online sales...

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