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Featured Author: Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a professional judo, sambo and jujitsu coach residing in Kansas City, Missouri. He was born in 1952 and is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He holds 8th dan (Hachidan) rank in judo and 7th dan rank in shingitai jujitsu. Steve is the author of over a dozen published books on the subject of judo, sambo and other Martial Arts. Starting his judo career in 1965 and his sambo career in 1976, Steve has been active at all levels of competition, coaching and administration in different grappling sports, primarily judo, sambo and jujitsu. He has personally coached four World Sambo Champions and a member of an Olympic Judo Team and hundreds of medal winners in national and international competitions in judo, sambo, sport jujitsu and submission grappling.


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