In a world in which we have consistent routines and patterns, it feels strange for an unfamiliar force to enter our consciousness and impact our lives. Whether you’ve been forced to cancel a long-awaited trip or have a loved one who is sick, the Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed daily life for all of us.

If you’re like most of us, the current pandemic has shifted your perspective and evoked unsettling feelings. Fear, uncertainty, and stress have become more common experiences as we all seek to make sense of the changing circumstances. In Qi Gong, situations like these remind us of the importance of staying true to our practice and using it for guidance and clarity throughout the times ahead. This blog post will discuss how our practice can be a source of strength and vitality amid the commotion around us.

Preventative Measures

In Qi Gong, we’re constantly channeling the principles of Chinese Medicine to inform our practice and help us to understand ourselves. While medical technology has made great strides over the centuries when it comes to disease prevention, some of the most potent tools available to us are those that lie within.

Chinese Medicine focuses on preventing disease and illness from occurring. As Qi Gong practitioners, we view preventative medicine as true health care, because it is caring for our health while it is still… well, healthy. It may seem obvious, but by really paying attention to our wellbeing while we’re well, we can dramatically impact the health that we experience in the future. As you’d imagine, there’s never been a more critical time to focus on cultivating Qi than now.

You’ve undoubtedly seen some of the steps that governments and health organizations are recommending to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Social distancing and maintaining clean environments are great tips to follow. Preventing possible exposure is essential, but there’s also more you can do to preserve and protect your health.

Wei Qi and The Immune System

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, our Wei Chi is the protective energy that helps us ward off disease and keep us healthy. Our Wei Chi is synonymous with the immune system. It is continuously working within us to identify and rid the body of toxic energies. When our Wei Chi is strong and active, we have a better chance of staying healthy and well.

Chinese Medicine teaches us powerful practices to consciously cultivate vitality and strength within our protective Wei Chi energy. Just like science strives to balance the immune system with medicine, Qi Gong teaches us how to use the power of the mind and body to cultivate our own internal energy.

Some of the practices that I teach for strengthening the immune system relate to our lungs and the metal element. In Qi Gong, we use breathing as a central way to clear negative energy and cultivate rich, nourishing Qi. You can view the lungs as a gateway between your internal energy and the energy of the world around you. Through deep, intentional breath work, we can seek to release toxic Qi and allow vital energy to enter and circulate within us.

Our emotions are another vital element of our immune system and health. It’s been clearly shown that our emotional state plays a significant role in determining the state of our immune system. Some studies show that when we’re under a lot of stress, our immune system can become compromised by up to 50 percent. Similarly, people who are in love can experience a substantial boost in their immune system’s strength.

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, we view Qi as the bridge between our emotions and the body. Therefore, the process of working with our Qi offers a powerful path to transforming stress into vitality and boosting our Wei Chi (immune system).

Where We Have Power

When challenging situations present themselves, it’s important to recognize where we have power. Qi Gong teaches us to not dwell on the external circumstances that are beyond our control, but rather, to focus on the things we can do to help ourselves and others.

Instead of constantly being preoccupied with negative thinking about the threat that surrounds us, we can seek to recognize our stress and then work to transform it into joy and vitality. This doesn’t mean you should deny or ignore the reality of our world, but to acknowledge what’s happening, make decisions on how to respond, and then direct our energy in a positive and constructive way.

When we find acceptance about what is beyond our control, we can learn how to relax into our areas of powerlessness. Not only does this help us to release tension and fear, but it creates space to embrace where we do have power and strength fully. Social distancing, keeping things clean, and cultivating inner peace and resilience are all important steps we can take to protect and nourish both ourselves and others.

The above is a reposting from Holden Qigong blog, March 2020. Author, Lee Holden, has put together a free immunity kit to help you cultivate your immune system amid the current health concerns.