We are going through a historical period; that is nothing like any other time. With this worldwide virus epidemic situation, we need to re-think our life, health, and future.

What matters in our life? Not money, not a big house, or fancy cars, nor being famous. What matters the most is our health. Seeing so many lose their lives from disease or infection from the virus, we must learn that prevention is the key.

At this time, I encourage you to avoid social gatherings, parties, big events. I saw that a neighbor had a big party two-days ago, and it made me think, “Do you have trouble understanding the situation, or are you just being selfish, or do you assume it is safe?” You may not be sick from the virus, but anything you touch can spread to hundreds of people.

Wear Disposable Gloves

If you have to go out for an errand, bring alcohol wipes, and disposable gloves with you. You will need to make sure to use alcohol to clean your hands after touching anything. If you don’t have an alcohol wipe, find a place where you can wash your hands using soap. It’s always best to wash your hands after touching a door handle. Or even better to wear gloves to open the door.

Keep in mind that the virus can stay on surfaces between four hours to three days. Never assume it is safe. 

Tom Hanks and his wife got a virus infection. They are a smart couple, but could not identify where they contracted the virus. No matter how smart you think you are, only taking precautions can provide safety to your health and life.

We sometimes talk face to face to a person; that’s OK if you keep your distance and not touch the person. When greeting people, put your hands together like praying. This is my favorite greeting.

Stay at home and distance yourself. There are many things you can do to keep your mind and body healthy. Here are some examples to try.

1. Reading

Read whatever book you like, or research a topic you want to learn about. Reading not only improves the left part of the brain, but also enhances your reading skills as well as widens your knowledge in many different areas. It is one of the good habits to have for anti-brain-aging and self-improvement.

2. Organize

We often say to our self, “I wish I had time to organize.” Now is an excellent time to get organized—your paperwork, your closet, your work, your yard, your car, your bookshelf, and your foods. You may have over ten thousand photos on your phone, but it’s hard to find them. This is an excellent time to get your photos organized. It’s good brain work and an enjoyable pastime. Your special memories may come back. You will feel so much better when you are organized.

3. Housework

Some people hire a maid to do house cleaning. But if you do yourself, your skill improves. Our brain is an amazing organ, but you can lose it if not used. House cleaning looks like simple physical work, but it’s not. It involves organizing skills, detailed thinking, multitasking, and intuition.

4. Exercise

This is a must-do in daily life at any age. If you enjoy outdoor, walking, biking, hiking, qigong, tai chi, are all wonderful and healthful. At home, you can do some stretching exercises or Yoga. Or, just turn on your favorite music and dance. Moving the body is always beneficial.

5. Play music, or learn a new song

Playing a musical instrument is very enjoyable. If you don’t play any instruments, sing-along, or learning a new song is a great way to exercise your brain. And, it is fun too! You have the freedom to sing at home; no one comments on your singing. Therefore, no need to worry about how well you sing.

6. Other Outdoor

If you have a garden, this is an excellent time to work in your garden. In the northern states, it may be too early for garden work, but preparing the ground may be OK. Living in the South, I get so much joy from my garden work.

7. Craftwork at home

If you are a handyman or like to do craftwork, you can be very busy! You can do some beautiful things for a holiday gift. Or just make it for the house.

8. Learning Tai Chi

There is a saying, “Tai Chi is the most difficult exercise to learn.” Yes, it is true if you want to learn it right, but for now just do the movements. It is not difficult. I have written a book, Tai Chi in 10 Weeks: Beginner’s Guide, published by YMAA Publication Center that will help you learn.

Together, we can win the fight against the virus soon!

I hope you have a happy and enjoyable “Social Distancing.”

The above is from Aihan Kuhn’s March 24, 2020 blog.