In traditional Chinese medicine, our vital organs are understood as reservoirs of intelligent and virtuous vibrations. One of the greatest contributions of the Dao is a profound insight into the role the vital organs play in our health and well-being. When the organs are balanced, they work together as a team, like one happy family. But if they become out of balance, our life is in danger. For this reason, qigong health practices focus on maintaining a balanced and relaxed state of energy in the organs; their happiness determines the length of your life. The Qigong Flow for Happy Organs series uses gentle and effective flowing movements that promote health, happiness, and longevity. This series contains five complete Qigong Flow routines designed to balance and nourish each of the five yin organs of traditional Chinese medicine: heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

What is Qigong Flow?

Qigong is a meditation in motion that balances the energy aspect of your being for healing, health, and vitality. The YOQI style of qigong, called Qigong Flow, is the art of energy cultivation through one continuous stream of body-based awareness that alternates between stillness and movement, yin and yang. Qigong Flow is characterized by "progressive looping." Progressive loops link together a group of various qigong exercises in a harmonious flowing pattern. One qigong exercise is considered a repetitive loop, called a "single loop." A link of two or more repetitive loops is a "flow." The YOQI Qigong Flow method links together flows according to the six phases of qi flow—a safe and effective way to transform energy. These routines are subtle energy workouts designed to help you feel your qi, move your qi, and refine your qi to a high-vibration state. The movements are gentle yet energizing, and they are easy to perform, perfect for all ages and all levels—from beginner to advanced. Qigong Flow includes different styles of qigong, such as spiritual qigong, martial qigong, neigong, and medical qigong for self-healing.

Who will benefit from Qigong Flow? Meditators who aim to balance and tune up their energy before sitting. People who are recovering from illness or want to prevent illness. Anyone who wants to generate optimum health, clarity of mind, and a bright spirit.

Qigong Flow for a Happy Heart

Awaken your inner healer, promote healthy blood circulation, and open your heart!

Qigong Flow for a Happy Heart is a complete routine designed to purify, nourish, and balance the heart and small-intestine meridians. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart and small intestine resonate with the fire element and the virtue of eternal happiness. The heart is a miraculous organ. It contracts and relaxes constantly, one hundred thousand times per day, at a precise rhythm to sustain our life. Energetically, the heart is the home of our spirit, called shen in Chinese. Its state of balance allows us to connect meaningfully to the world and follow our most accurate inner guidance.

A happy heart is a calm heart, and it expresses itself through laughter, enjoyment, and love. This routine begins with stretch and flow movements that open the heart and ignite the fire element to detoxify negative emotions and excess heat, and to activate your internal love engine. This is followed by Qigong Flow movements that focus on cultivating internal alchemy by uniting fire and water—ultimately invoking your sense of compassion and wisdom. Choose this routine to promote healthy blood circulation, connection, love, healing energy, and patience. It can help if you feel anxious, rejected, depressed, unfulfilled, or burned out. 

Qigong Flow for Happy Lungs

Breathe into the present moment, boost your immune system, and energize your body with qi.

Qigong Flow for Happy Lungs is a complete routine designed to balance and support the lungs and large intestine. In traditional Chinese medicine, the vibration of the lungs resonates with the metal element and the virtue of courage to embrace the present moment.

The lungs take in "pure" qi from oxygen in the air and exhale "toxic" qi back into the atmosphere. As the commanders of qi, they are responsible for the synthesis of qi and defense qi (wei qi). If the lungs are weak, the immune system is compromised. When lung qi is strong, energy is metabolized, and the immune system and all the meridians benefit. Energetically, the lungs govern our ability to live life in the present moment with each breath. They are affected by sadness and grief, and their virtue is courage and righteousness.

Inspired by the Chinese spirit animal of the lungs, the tiger, this flow uses invigorating warm-ups, healing sounds, and flows that target the lung meridian to access your internal power. Choose this routine to increase your energy, prevent seasonal allergies, boost your immune system, transform sadness into courage, get inspired, and tune into the present moment.

Marisa Cranfill is the author of the five-part video series Qigong Flow for Happy Organs, available from YMAA Publication Center.