"One of the greatest contributions of the Dao is a profound insight into the role the vital organs play in our health and well-being. When the organs are balanced, they work together as a team, like one happy family. But if they become out of balance, our life is in danger. For this reason, qigong health practices focus on maintaining a balanced and relaxed state of energy in the organs; their happiness determines the length of your life." For more information, read Part 1 of Qigong Flow for Happy Organs.

Qigong Flow for Happy Kidneys

Rejuvenate your energy, and tap into the effortless flow of your own internal power source.

Qigong Flow for Happy Kidneys is a complete routine designed to balance and nourish the kidneys and urinary bladder. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys resonate with the water element and the spirt of willpower. Happy kidneys are the key to energetic stamina, sexual potency, and longevity. They not only regulate the body fluids and filter the blood, but they are also considered the energy batteries of our body. The kidneys store yuan qi, the precious gift of innate qi inherited from our parents. They also store reserve qi, jing qi, which affects our general energy and sexual potency. When our kidney energy is weak, the whole body becomes weak, and we cannot actualize our full potential or willpower. When the kidneys are strong, we have a reserve of potent energy to draw upon throughout our life.

Happy kidneys are relaxed kidneys. This routine uses the qigong principles of dynamic relaxation and effortless flow to embody the water element, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Water is characterized by tranquility and fluidity. The Daoist classics describe water as soft and yielding, yet extremely powerful. Choose this routine to promote longevity and charge your internal batteries, and totransform stress, fatigue, fear, or shock. 

Qigong Flow for Happy Liver

Transform stress, awaken your inner dragon, and open to new perspectives of growth.

Qigong Flow for a Happy Liver is a complete routine designed to support the liver and gallbladder. In traditional Chinese medicine, the vibration of the liver resonates with the wood element, the season of spring, and the capacity for growth.

The liver is the largest digestive organ in the body, performing hundreds of different jobs to filter the blood and keep the body free from toxins. Energetically, it oversees the smooth flow of qi through the blood, muscles, and tendons. As an organ of detoxification and qi flow, the liver is affected by stress, anger, heat, toxins, and pollution.

A healthy and happy liver is a resilient liver; it is both flexible and strong. Qigong Flow for a Happy Livercultivates this concept of resiliency using a style of qigong called the Swimming Dragon. The characteristic of the Swimming Dragon uses joint spirals and twists to release tension, detoxify the liver, nourish tendons, and get the qi flowing. Choose this routine to see new perspectives, increase your energy, detoxify the system, support liver health, transform frustration, cultivate kindness, and put your creative vision into action. 

Qigong Flow for Happy Spleen

Connect to your center, get grounded, and support healthy digestion.

Qigong Flow for a Happy Spleen is a complete routine designed to purge and fortify the spleen, pancreas,and stomach. In TCM, the spleen-pancreas and stomach resonate with the earth element and our capacity to trust life. The spleen is an important organ and is often underrated. Not only does it play a role in our immune system, blood filtration, and digestion, but energetically, it is also the center of stability that supports mental clarity and confidence.

A happy spleen is a stable spleen. Poor diet, excessive stress, worry, or neglect of the body can weaken the spleen and lead to numerous problems, such as digestive issues, fatigue, nausea, foggy head, body aches, and self-doubt. Qigong Flow for a Happy Spleen uses specific qigong movements that cultivate centering and grounding. The flows focus on balancing yin and yang, connecting to the three forces(heaven, earth, and human), and using energy-ball techniques to fortify the lower dan tian energy center. Choose this routine to promote healthy digestion and grounding, transform worries, make decisions, clear the mind, and balance fatigue.

By practicing the Qigong Flow for Happy Organs exercises, you will promote health, happiness, and longevity, and balance and nourish each of your five yin organs of traditional Chinese medicine: 

heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and spleen.

Marisa Cranfill is the author of the five-part video series Qigong Flow for Happy Organs, available from YMAA Publication Center.