Over the last 35 years, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has taught the benefits of Chinese culture and popularized traditional martial arts throughout the world. Dr. Yang now has undertaken a new mission: he is building a retreat center on 240 acres of remote woodlands, semi-isolated from the distractions of modern society, in order to establish a dedicated location for transmitting his complete knowledge to the next generation of teachers, and preserving the Chinese martial and healing arts. He is now accepting a select students to live and train with him for 10 years.

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The unique and precious arts of ancient Chinese culture are all but lost in contemporary China, and only a fraction of their complete depth has been transmitted to recent generations. In order to preserve the arts at the highest level possible, it is necessary to create an environment similar to that in ancient times. Living simply and training every day with Master Yang and additional instructors, students will again attain the high standards of martial artists of ancient times.

This Martial Arts Education Center will become a leading institution in martial arts society, offering a peaceful haven for the advanced training of meditation, internal cultivation, and all aspects of chinese martial and cultural arts for generations to come. If this traditional training is not passed from master to student deeply, the arts will continue to be downgraded until they are truly lost. The Chinese arts are recognized as complimentary treatment already in many hospitals worldwide, and it is critical that they are assimilated comprehensively, to create a true synthesis between healing modalities.

Dr. Yang is in a unique position. He carries the legacy of the generation of the old masters, and possesses the understanding of a new generation of martial artists. He has dedicated his life to bridging the East and the West, and researching the ancient arts with a modern scientific perspective, and he alone is capable of achieving this task.

As the YMAA Retreat Center develops, it will be a beacon at the center of today’s martial arts society, leading by example to reestablish the model of the traditional training facility. Based on a high level of martial morality education, emphasizing the development of art instead of violence, it will leave future generations the legacy of a discipline of respect, responsibility, confidence, and compassion.

Dr. Yang has created a clear path toward achieving this goal. In 2004, the first steps were taken to develop the infrastructure: roads were built on the property; a solar array was installed to provide sustainable, off-the-grid electricity; a well was dug; and construction has commenced on the living and training facilities. Dr. Yang has travels to CA at least twice each year, bringing senior students to work and train each day for two weeks, and to continue construction and preparations for the start of the 10-Year Training Program.

We are working to popularize the traditional Chinese arts worldwide on a large scale, and to see Kung Fu become highly respected once again. The study and practice of Kung Fu offers a meaningful path in life, which teaches one how to lead by example, how to create peace and harmony, and how to embody this ancient wisdom. The success of the YMAA Retreat Center training program will instill confidence in others that the traditional arts can be preserved, and that the spiritual and moral aspects of martial training can be rekindled.

For more information on becoming involved with this unprecedented project, please visit YMAA-RetreatCenter.org.