Cancer is not as terrible as you think. But it can be terrible if you are not aware that keeping your energy pathways open is a key to healing. Very often people have told me that a family member or friend or co-worker is stricken with cancer. I automatically ask if the cancer patient gets treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many people are not aware that natural medicine therapy works, especially in combination with conventional medical treatments or therapy.

Natural Methods for Treating Cancer

For the past 15 years, I have been treating cancer using natural methods. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of wisdom in cancer healing. People often ask, “What is your proof?” “How can you guarantee this will work?” First of all, no one in the medical profession can guarantee that any form of treatment will work.  Even conventional medicine cannot guarantee a cure. But I can tell you this, I have seen many cancer patients go into remission and even become and remain ‘cancer free’ for many years after receiving natural therapy. I can tell you that if you set your mind to it and think positively, your body and your spirit will change and then healing will commence.

In natural medicine theory, cancer can result from stagnation of Qi (internal energy) in the body. Different cancers can be caused by different levels of Qi stagnation in the body’s energy pathways. If a person just gets treatment from conventional medicine without unblocking their energy, the cancer can come back any time after remission. If we work on the energy pathways and keep these pathways open, the cancer is less likely to come back. This is why some cancer patients stay in remission for a lifetime.

Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage

Keeping energy pathways open involves treatment with Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and Tui Na massage, which helps to keep the energy channel open. Also health consultation, which helps patients build a healthy attitude and a positive mind set. If you have doubts, or fears, your mind can be blocked and weaken the flow of Qi (internal energy) as well as weaken the organ energy. When your Qi and organ energy are weakened, your immune system will soon be weakened.  If your immune system is weakened, your body’s defensive ability against cancer is poor. A healthy and positive thinking mindset helps to promote smooth Qi flow which results in a positive and peaceful attitude. This helps to build a balanced immune system. Traditional Chinese Medicine helps promote better Qi flow, strengthen organ energy, as well as building a healthy mind.

People are so afraid of trying new things. They prefer to obey doctor’s orders and go through conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other drug therapy. Cancer victims frequently die, not from cancer, but from infections in the body due to their weakened immune system.  Most cancer patients have fear and stress; these factors can weaken the immune system and organ energy that is an obstacle to healing.  If you use Chinese medicine, your immune system can be strengthened, on top of other benefits. I have seen “miracles” happen.

The cancer patient’s diet is another important issue that can affect healing. If your doctor tells you to eat anything you want, you should not follow this instruction. Food can be your friend and your enemy, too. When I am working with cancer patients, diet recommendations are given to each patient according to their individual needs.

If you open your mind, and use your option with natural medicine, you will learn how to use these natural tools for building a better and healthier life. Remember, cancer is just a disease, like any other illness.

Need a Strong Support Team to Fight Cancer

Fighting cancer is like a company doing business with a strategy. Strictly using conventional chemotherapy or radiation therapy (without Chinese medicine or other natural therapy), is like a company having a great sales team but no customer service team. If the products are 100 percent good quality, the company may get by. But doing business without customer service is a risk for the business, and it probably won’t last. With Chinese medicine (just as having great customer service in a company), you will have a strong backbone (a strong support team), the body will become strong and balanced. It will be able to handle many changes, and will be able to tolerant, and adapt to whatever causes the imbalance. This not only helps to boost the immune system, but also helps to reduce the side effects from the conventional therapy, as well as speed the healing process.

What Causes Cancer?

We often think that cancer can be caused by certain chemicals, high power electric fields, certain fungus or mold, a particular bacteria or virus, etc. But even when we are exposed to these pathogens all the time, why do some people get cancer and others don’t. In Chinese medicine, things are viewed differently. As we know, the cancer tissue (tumor) is a very hard object; almost like a stone that the doctor has to remove surgically. How does normal tissue grow? Like a “stone?” TCM theory says that if the body stores stagnant Qi for a long time and is not corrected, it causes blood stagnation. These stagnations cause weakness in the immune system and certain tissues become undernourished. Therefore, the normal tissue becomes cancer tissue, or cancer cells can begin to grow at an unexpected rate. We all carry cancer cells, but they don’t make trouble for many of us.

People who have a balanced immune function are able to fight the cancer while having other treatments, such as, chemo, radiation, or Chinese medicine. If their immune function is weak, a person with cancer might lose their ability to fight, and die in the end. Many things can cause stagnation of Qi: high stress, wrong diet, low mental tolerance, inactive life style, mental restriction, overworked body and mind, excessive drinking and smoking, certain injuries not corrected, depression not corrected for a long time, an introverted personality, or other illness not corrected quickly.  All these are pathogens that can cause stagnation of Qi and blood.

As a doctor of natural medicine, as a healer, and as an educator, I think it is important to provide some cancer preventive information.

Preventative Tips

  1. Don’t let stress in your daily life go on for too long; it can do a lot of damage over time. Stress causes Qi stagnation, stagnated Qi can cause cell mutations or tumor growth.
  2. Create smooth Qi by taking care of body disharmony or imbalance early. Don’t let discomfort stay with you for too long. Some minor discomfort could be the beginning stage of cancer.
  3. Develop healthy habits, such as a regular lifestyle, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoid smoking and drinking whenever possible.
  4. Avoid prolonged use of various chemicals.
  5. Stay with Dao philosophies.
  6. Keep a positive outlook and a good attitude. This sounds like it has no relation to cancer, but it has a great effect in preventing cancer
  7. Laugh more, joke more. Laughing is a very good healing methodology. When you lose laughing, you lose a big part of life. Laughing can also prevent depression, which can lead to cancer.
  8. Do more outdoor activities. Get up off the couch.
  9. Tai Chi and Qi Gong not only helps to prevent cancer, but also helps to heal cancer. So join a class and practice regularly.

Natural Healing

  1. Maintain a balanced stomach function, stay with a partially vegetarian diet. Please see many recipes on this subject in my book, Simple Chinese Medicine.
  2. Build a healthy mind; don’t let anything interfere with your healing.
  3. Deal with depression as soon as possible; reduce stress as soon as possible. Avoid using alcohol; avoid smoking, chemicals and other pathogenic substances.
  4. Get as much fresh air as possible.
  5. Do some Qi Gong exercise daily. There are several Qi Gong forms that are good for cancer healing. Tai Chi is also a good form.
  6. Drink more water; you need 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Listen to your body, which sometimes tells you, “I need water”.
  7. Get acupuncture treatments from quality practitioner as part of your “Cancer Treatment Plan.”  It is important to stay with the plan. Because each step has a meaningful healing effect. In the treatment plan, there are some combinations of acupuncture and Tui Na massage involved.
  8. Take Chinese tonics and herbs to boost your immune system as needed. Make sure you find an experienced practitioner with a good reputation.
  9. Avoid over use of your body. Keep in mind you need to have a balanced lifestyle.