Many people have a significant fear about the Swine Flu. This worry generates anxiety, worry, and sometimes even panic. The Swine Flu is not very different from the ordinary flu. The same caution is required. You need to have common sense about personal hygiene and preventive habits. Here are a few things which are really important:

1. Build a strong immune system against flu:

  • Avoid meat, dairy, sweets, and go easy on the junk food.

  • Exercise daily. 15 minutes a day is better than none. Participate in a Qi Gong class, or Tai Chi class. Also do Qi Gong at home every morning.

  • See your life in the simplest terms possible. If you are depressed, consult a medical professional who can help you.

  • Make sure you get a good night sleep.

  • Drink water. Have eight glasses daily, or have tea and water.

2. Common sense precautions against flu:

  • Always wash your hands after touching public items, especially grocery shopping, and handling money.

  • Eat cooked foods; avoid eating raw foods.

  • Keep a distance from people who have a cold, sore throat, and running nose.

  • Keep the sinks in your house clean and dry.

3. If you have a pre-existing condition:

  • Do Qigong 30 minutes every day.

  • Avoid being in public places too often. If you have to be in public places, wear a mask.

  • Keep a distance when you talk to people, at least one yard away.

  • Always wash your hands.

  • See previous precautions.