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DVD & Streaming Videos

Our bestselling DVDs & Streaming Videos

by Daisy Lee
$89.95 $44.97
Beginner-Friendly Qigong for Women. Qigong master Daisy Lee guides you through an easy series of healing qigong exercises for women. Qigong (energy...
by David Verdesi, Lee Holden
Explore Extraordinary Connections Between Your Energy and Mind. Join David Verdesi and Lee Holden as they seek the world’s greatest masters to...
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$49.95 $24.97
Learn Master Yang's personal daily health regimen, combining qigong, yoga, and acupressure exercises.
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$49.95 $24.97
These gentle stretches and breathing exercises stimulate your immune system, strengthen your internal organs, and give you abundant energy.


Our bestselling books.

Krav Maga cover
David Kahn
Whatever your defensive or tactical background is, the material in this book can add additional solutions to your self-defense skills.
Welcome To Karate cover
Bruce Costa
Welcome to Karate offers what you need to begin successful martial arts training.
Analysis of Genuine Karate COVER
Hermann Bayer, Ph.D.
$24.95 $12.47
Genuine karate is an Okinawan martial art for self-defense; its principle of “never changing kata” is critical to its effectiveness.
Spotting Danger Kids cover
Gary Quesenberry
$18.95 $9.47
This is a book about presenting the concepts of situational awareness to children in a way that will keep them engaged and help them take an active...

Tai Chi Balls

Handmade Wooden Tai Chi Balls from YMAA

Handmade wood Tai Chi Ball. The Basic Ball is 2-3 lbs, 6" diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable poplar wood....
Handmade wood Tai Chi Wood Ball. The Intermediate Ball is 4-5 lbs, 7” diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable red oak...
Get your hands on a new Tai Chi Ball from the Artisan Collection. The exquisite SATURN ball is made of layers of sustainably-farmed maple, mahogany,...
This polish nourishes and protects your tai chi ball, giving a deep and rich glow. Kit contains one 2 oz. tin of polish, one stand, and one cotton...


Radiant Lotus Bundle
by Daisy Lee
$59.90 $29.95
Qigong master DAISY LEE guides you through an easy series of healing qigong exercises for women. These time-tested methods will re-balance your...
Five Seasons Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$79.90 $39.95
STAY HEALTHY DURING THE CHANGE OF SEASONS! Learn to understand your energy (Qi) and how to adjust to the change of seasons.
Radiant Lotus and Qigong for Women Bundle
by Daisy Lee, Lisa B. O'Shea
$59.90 $29.95
Qigong master Daisy Lee guides you through an easy series of healing qigong exercises for women, in DVD 1 of the Radiant Qigong series. Qigong...
Tai Chi Qigong Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$60.90 $30.45
Tai Chi Qigong is an ancient Chinese set of exercises which develops the strength and flexibility of the body, increases your vitality, and promotes...

Training Equipment

The sword (jian) is mainly used for defense. It requires a strategy of calmness in action. Sword training helps practitioners develop patience,...
The saber (dao) is for defense an most often used for blocking. The dull, back edge of the blade blocks, followed by stabbing or cutting with the...
The best sword case on the market! Constructed from sturdy black nylon, the Sword Case has dual pockets and Velcro elastic straps to secure your...
Bagua Deer Horn Knives combine grace and fluidity with precision. This is an excellent training tool for anyone looking to refine their skills.

Wellness and Recovery

Calming Egyptian chamomile soothes the mind and quiets the spirit. Find your inner peace. Caffeine free. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant...
WHT001 -
Enjoy our “Top 6 Organic* Plant Therapy Oils Set. Use these essential oils to support your mind, body and spiritual health. Made with 100% pure,...
WEOS01 -
You'll become deeply relaxed when you wear this eye pillow. Lavender is naturally calming and can help you fall asleep. Artisan made in USA....
WEP001 -
Relax, ease away tension, and sleep better with this 100% organic cotton fair trade eye pillow sleep mask. For deeper sleep, this Sleep mask allows...
WSM001 -

Music CD

$15.50 $7.75
Through the clear voice of the Beijing Angelic Choir, a series of etheral lullabies and folk songs has captured the fans of new age, classical and...
$15.50 $7.75
Designed especially for children in the womb, this music is composed of lively, happy, and simple melodies and rhythms that meet the fetus' need...

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