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Our bestselling DVDs.

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Learn Master Yang's personal daily health regimen, combining qigong, yoga, and acupressure exercises.
by David-Dorian Ross
Combined Weight Loss and Tai Chi Workout. In Fusion FIRE, Master teacher David-Dorian Ross leads you through a powerful workout blending tai chi...
by Daisy Lee
Qigong master Daisy Lee guides you through an easy series of healing qigong exercises for women, in DVD 1 of the Radiant Qigong series.
by Chenhan Yang
The Chen 56-form is a combination of the first two traditional Chen forms (Lao Jia Yi Lu and Er Lu), designed for beginning students to be used for...


Our bestselling books.

Catherine Kurosu, MD, LaC, Dr. Aihan Kuhn
Discover a path to optimal health, even in a complicated Western health-care system. True Wellness is a step-by-step guide to optimal health,...
The Warrior's Manifesto: Ideals for those who Protect and Defend
Daniel Modell
The Warrior’s Manifesto is a concise and potent declaration of principles that chronicles the soul of the warrior by exploring the what, the why, and...
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Our Very Best in Qigong Books. Dr. Yang teaches sitting and standing meditation, demonstrates massage techniques, and explores the Qi pathways in...
Winning Fights cover
Dr. Phillip Stephens
Winning Fights is based on principles, not techniques. Technique is important, but techniques change, adapt, and evolve. Principles are timeless.

Tai Chi Balls

Handmade Wooden Tai Chi Balls from YMAA

This polish nourishes and protects your tai chi ball, giving a deep and rich glow. Kit contains one 2 oz. tin of polish, one stand, and one cotton...
Handmade wood Tai Chi Balls (pair). This set of two 4" balls fit in the palms of your hands. Starter Balls are handmade of poplar wood in the...
Handmade wood Tai Chi Ball. The Basic Ball is 2-3 lbs, 6" diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable poplar wood....
Handmade wood Tai Chi Wood Ball. The Intermediate Ball is 4-5 lbs, 7” diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable red oak...


Tai Chi Martial Applications Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Discover the Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient internal Chinese martial art which has gained widespread popularity for its...
Meridian Qigong Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Dr. Yang teaches combined Qigong, Yoga, and Acupressure Exercises. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming will teach you Meridian Qigong, his special daily exercise...
Qigong for Cancer Bundle
by Helen Liang, Lisa B. O'Shea, Dr. Aihan Kuhn
No prior experience needed. Stimulate your natural healing with simple qigong movements and deep breathing. "Qigong for Cancer" is an easy...
Surviving Armed Assaults and Violence Bundle
by Lawrence A. Kane, Kris Wilder
'SURVIVING ARMED ASSAULTS-A Martial Artists Guide to Weapons, Street Violence, & Countervailing Force' by Lawrence A. Kane teaches...

Training Equipment

The sai is mainly used defensively for trapping and blocking. Legend has it that it was originally used as a hairpin, and later derived into a dagger...
The sword (jian) is mainly used for defense. It requires a strategy of calmness in action. Sword training helps practitioners develop patience,...
SGSM32 -
The sword (jian) is mainly used for defense. It requires a strategy of calmness in action. Sword training helps practitioners develop patience,...
SGSW36 -
The saber (dao) is for defense an most often used for blocking. The dull, back edge of the blade blocks, followed by stabbing or cutting with the...
SGBW33 -

Music CD

From Mainland China, this music is composed especially for use in Qigong meditation. Graceful weaving of plucked and hammered strings, flutes,...
A special collection helps you (the Taiji practitioner) to concentrate your mind and make Taiji movements coordinate with your breath. The music tone...
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with traditional gongs and drums music. Great for school demos.
Composer Wang, Jian-Ming was inspired by Yin / Yang theory and the thoughts of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu when he designed this CD to be a gentle brain...

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