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DVD & Streaming Videos

Our bestselling DVDs & Streaming Videos

by Joe Varady
$99.95 $69.96
Learn reality-based self defense from easy to advanced with Master Joe Varady PhD. The Art and Science of Self-Defense 2-DVD set provides you with a...
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
A deeper conversation about healthy joints. Recently, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming offered online qigong classes by popular demand for a small group of...
by Dr. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.
$49.95 $34.96
Activate Your Body's Own Medicine through Movement, Massage, Meditation, and Breath. Release your natural powers for healing, endurance, and...
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Modern science shows that qigong exercise is good medicine for maintaining health and longevity. In this candid and personal video, Dr. Yang, Jwing-...


Our bestselling books.

Analysis of Genuine Karate 2 cover
Hermann Bayer, Ph.D.
Genuine Okinawan Karate was developed as a fighting tool. Non-Okinawan Karate is for other purposes. Supported by historical facts, scientific...
Keppan—The Blood Oath Cover
John Donohue, Ph.D.
Grieving the loss of his sensei, Connor Burke struggles to recover from emotional and physical wounds received in the defense of sensei Yamashita and...
Gary Quesenberry
$18.95 $13.26
Continuing on the path of The Gift of Fear (Gavin deBecker), Spotting Danger Before It Spots You is the go-to guide for anyone wanting to improve...
Spotting Danger for Travelers cover
Gary Quesenberry
$19.95 $13.96
In Spotting Danger for Travelers, you will learn how to develop a solid foundation of situational awareness, preemptively spot danger, quickly...

Tai Chi Balls

Handmade Wooden Tai Chi Balls from YMAA

Handmade wood Tai Chi Balls (pair). This set of two 4" balls fit in the palms of your hands. Starter Balls are handmade of poplar wood in the...
Handmade wood Tai Chi Ball. The Basic Ball is 2-3 lbs, 6" diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable poplar wood....
Handmade wood Tai Chi Wood Ball. The Intermediate Ball is 4-5 lbs, 7” diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable red oak...
Handmade wood Tai Chi Ball. The Advanced Ball is 7-8 lbs, 8” diameter. Finished with natural wax. Handmade in the USA of sustainable red oak wood....
Get your hands on a new Tai Chi Ball from the Artisan Collection. The MODERN ball has a retro-future design with intricate pieces of sustainably-...
Get your hands on a new Tai Chi Ball from the Artisan Collection. The exquisite SATURN ball is made of layers of sustainably-farmed maple, mahogany,...
Get your hands on the top of the line of our basic oak Tai Chi Ball. The exquisite HALO ball is made of layers of sustainably-farmed red oak hardwood...
Get a new Tai Chi Ball from the Artisan Collection. The elegant ECLIPSE ball is made almost entirely of sustainably-farmed walnut wood, with mahogany...

Training Equipment

Black Nylon case with zipper and soft interior with extra liner can securely carry your pair of Sai. (Weapons not included)
The best sword case on the market! Constructed from sturdy black nylon, the Sword Case has dual pockets and Velcro elastic straps to secure your...


Meridian Qigong Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$59.90 $41.93
Dr. Yang teaches combined Qigong, Yoga, and Acupressure Exercises. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming will teach you Meridian Qigong, his special daily exercise...
Qigong Massage Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
$76.90 $53.83
PERFECT FOR MASSAGE BEGINNERS! Book and instructional DVD. Learn over 3 hours of self massage and partner massage techniques to relieve muscular...
Attack Drills Bundle
by Jeff Burger, Rory Miller
$89.90 $62.93
Whether you are attacked on the street or fighting in the ring, you will only have a split second to react. Street violence is on the rise, and your...
Staff Bundle
by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Joe Varady
$62.90 $44.03
A comprehensive, methodical approach to building staff skills If you are already a student of the staff, these lessons will not conflict with your...

Wellness and Recovery

Enjoy our “Top 6 Organic* Plant Therapy Oils Set. Use these essential oils to support your mind, body and spiritual health. Made with 100% pure,...
WEOS01 -
You'll become deeply relaxed when you wear this eye pillow. Lavender is naturally calming and can help you fall asleep. Artisan made in USA....
WEP001 -
Relax, ease away tension, and sleep better with this 100% organic cotton fair trade eye pillow sleep mask. For deeper sleep, this Sleep mask allows...
WSM001 -

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