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1. If it is "free", why is there an in-app purchase to unlock the videos?

In-App Purchase (IAP) apps are listed for sale as "free download" with some free video samples, but each app has a cost to stream or download the full-length video. This app cost is less than the DVD edition.

2. I got a new device, how do I get my apps to work?

If you updated your phone or tablet, just register your device with your app store and then click to "restore your purchases". Your old apps should become available to add to your new device. You may need to delete the app off your device, re-download, and then "restore purchases."

If you switched platforms, such as from Apple to Android, then you must purchase new apps.

3. I bought the app, but now its locked. What do I do?

If you're a new app customer, please report your problem. Email <[email protected]> Please include the make and model of your device and software (apple or Android?).

If you’re using Apple, you may need to restore your purchased IAP (In App Purchase) videos: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204530

Some older apps won't unlock, because the app store can't recognize your purchases after several updates over the years. We have created a relink url for this situation. This link will help the app store recognize you have previously purchased the app, and restore your access to the videos you purchased.

Beginner Qigong for Women 1: https://ymaa.surge.sh/beginnerqigongwomen1/

Beginner Qigong for Women 2: https://ymaa.surge.sh/beginnerqigongwomen2/

Eight Brocades - Qigong Standing Exercises: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigongstanding/

Embryonic Breathing Qigong: https://ymaa.surge.sh/embryonicbreathing/

Five Animals Qigong: https://ymaa.surge.sh/fiveanimalsqigong/

Introduction to Qi Gong: https://ymaa.surge.sh/introductionqigong/

Kung Fu for Kids: https://ymaa.surge.sh/kungfukids/

Meridian Qigong Exercises: https://ymaa.surge.sh/meridianqigong/

Qi Energy Video Lesson: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qienergysystem/

Qi Gong for Anxiety: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigonganxiety/

Qi Gong for Energy & Vitality: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigongenergyvitality/

Qi Gong for Upper Back and Neck: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigongupperbackneck/

Qigong Breathing Video Lesson: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigongbreathing/

Qigong for Women: https://ymaa.surge.sh/qigongwomen/

Qigong Keypoints Video Lesson: https://ymaa.surge.sh/keypointsqigong/

Qigong Meditation: https://ymaa.surge.sh/meditation/

Shaolin Kung Fu: https://ymaa.surge.sh/shaolinkungfu/

Tai Chi 108 Yang Form: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichiclassical/

Tai Chi Ball Workout for Beginners: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichiballworkout/

Tai Chi Fit Flow: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichifitflow/

Tai Chi Fit Over 50: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichifitover50/

Tai Chi Fit Strength: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichifitstrength/

Tai Chi Fit To Go: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichifittogo/

Tai Chi for Beginners - 24 Form: https://ymaa.surge.sh/simplifiedtaichi24/

Tai Chi for Beginners 48 Form: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichibeginners48/

Tai Chi Pushing Hands: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichipushinghands/

Tai Chi Qigong: https://ymaa.surge.sh/essencetaijiqigong/

Tai Chi Sword for Beginners: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichiswordbeginners/

Understanding Qigong Video: https://ymaa.surge.sh/whatisqigong/

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners Part 1: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichibegin1/

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners Part 2 & 3: https://ymaa.surge.sh/taichibegin2/

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