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Tai Chi Ball Qigong

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

App includes Dr. Yang’s complete Tai Chi Ball instruction, with two separate IAPs (In-App Purchases). This app gives you over 40 minutes of free video, and offers an opportunity to get the full 300-minute program at the lowest possible cost. Contains Courses 1 & 2: qigong breathing, 16 patterns of circling, and 16 patterns of rotating, and Courses 3 & 4: wrap-coiling and applications.

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Over 40 minutes free video. Two full-length video lessons with Dr Yang. Offers in-app purchases. Stream or download video lessons with this new smaller file-size app format.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Dozens of chapters of follow-along video to stream or download.
  • Tai Chi Ball fits any tai chi style
  • Instantly pick up watching where you left off

This whole-body workout is a natural way to improve your health and strength. This Qigong exercise is an effective way to quickly rebuild the entire body's physical structure and increase your Qi (energy) circulation. Whatever your fitness level, Tai Chi Ball Qigong is an easy way to improve your daily quality of life.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is a world acclaimed master of Tai Chi and Qigong and he personally guides you through a series of Tai Chi Ball Qigong easy-to-follow movements. These simple breathing methods and exercises should first be practiced with empty hands. As you develop the strength and flexibility of your torso and spine, you may choose to add weight over time by holding a ball in the hands. The ultimate goal is to develop abundant Qi (energy) throughout the body and feel your energy in the space between your palms.

After learning from your free videos, you may access the full-length programs with an in-app purchase. In the first 3-hour video, Master Yang will teach you how to choose a Tai Chi Ball, Qigong Breathing techniques and many Tai Chi Ball Circling and Rotating Patterns you can use to quickly improve your fitness.

In the second course, Dr. Yang delves into intermediate and advance Tai Chi Ball exercises and skills. Whether you are a beginner or a Tai Chi master already, these amazing Qigong exercises offer the perfect combination of relaxation and full-body exercise. You'll enjoy reduced stress, a stronger immune system and a deeper awareness of breath and body coordination.

Tai Chi, or Taiji, is short for Tai Chi Chuan, or Taijiquan, which translates from Chinese to "Grand Ultimate fist". Tai Chi is an internal-style Chinese martial art that can be traced back to the Chen family, the Daoists at Wudang mountain and ultimately to Shaolin Temple. When practiced slowly for health purposes, Tai Chi is a type of Qigong.

Qi-Gong means "energy-work". Qigong (chi kung) is the ancient art of building the body's Qi (energy) to a higher level and circulating it throughout the body for rejuvenation and health. Some Qigong is practiced sitting or standing still, while other Qigong can be a kind of moving meditation. This gentle Qigong exercise is a highly effective way to reduce stress, increase energy, enhance healing and generally improve your quality of life.

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