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Understanding Qigong Video

by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

This video app contains Course One of the Understanding Qigong video series. Dr. Yang answers the questions "What is Qi?" and "What is Qigong?" Subtitles: English / Spanish. 120 minutes total video for $9.99 USD purchase.

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This 2-hour streaming video lesson contains Lesson One from Dr. Yang's bestselling 6-DVD series, "Understanding Qigong". You'll learn about Qi (energy) and how to develop yours, including:

  • Qigong History
  • What is Qi?
  • What is Qigong?
  • Feeling is a Language
  • Yin / Yang , Kan and Li
  • Three Treasures
  • Five Energies Toward Their Origins
  • Three Powers Posture
  • Qigong Solo Practice
  • Partner Practice
  • Choice of English or Spanish subtitles

Drawing on over 40 years of training in Qigong (chi kung) and his Western scientific background in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yang presents a clear and fascinating explanation of his Qigong theory, and offers a simple Qigong exercise for students to begin experiencing their Qi. This program is a must for Qigong practitioners, acupuncturists, energy healers, and anyone interested in understanding exactly how and why Qigong works.

If you've never attended a Qigong seminar with Dr. Yang, here's a home version you won't want to miss!

Qi-Gong means "energy-work". Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is the ancient art of building the body's Qi (energy) to a higher level and circulating it throughout the body for rejuvenation and health. Some Qigong is practiced sitting or standing still, while other Qigong can be a kind of moving meditation. This gentle Qigong exercise is a highly effective way to reduce stress, increase energy, enhance healing, and generally improve your quality of life.

Qigong increases the quantity of energy in the body, and improves the quality of your circulation through energy pathways, known as meridians. Qigong is sometimes called "acupuncture without needles."

Similar to yoga, Qigong can stimulate the entire body deeply with low-impact movement and develop a stronger mind/body connection. The slow, relaxed movements are widely recognized for their health benefits, such as boosting your immune response, strengthening the internal organs, muscles, joints, spine, and bones, and developing abundant energy. A Qigong session makes one feel strong, centered, and happy.

Qigong can be effective in helping people with insomnia, stress-related disorders, depression, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, and problems with the immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, bioelectric circulatory system, lymphatic system, and digestive system.

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