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Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley is a full-time YMAA Taijiquan Instructor, certified YMAA Qigong Master, Yoga instructor, and the owner of Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga in Portsmouth NH. Since 1994, Bill has studied and gained certification to teach both Taiji and Qigong under Grand Master Yang, Jwing-Ming. He has also trained and become certified in Yoga and is currently an ERYT- 200, (Over 1000 hours teaching time), RYT 500 (500 hours of training, registered Yoga Teacher). Bill is also an instructor in The Universal Healing Tao under qigong Grand Master Mantak Chia. He began his martial arts studies in college in 1978 and as a senior, he was captain of the Shotokan Karate team.

Bill was born in Rochester, New York in 1958 and has lived in the greater Boston area for the last 40+ years. He has two grown children and has been happily married to Rebecca Gould for 30+ years. In 2010, after a thirty-year career with Hewlett Packard as an electrical engineer, Bill began to pursue his personal passion of teaching Taiji, Qigong and Yoga. Visit .


2011 – present: In October of 2011, Bill opened Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga, at 875 Islington Street in Portsmouth NH. Since opening the studio, he has dedicated himself to teaching all three related arts full time.

2009 – present: Under the business name Buckley Taiji, Bill has taught classes and special seminars in Portsmouth, NH; UNH, Newburyport, MA, Amesbury, MA; Bridgton, Maine & Kittery Maine, Ireland and New Zealand.

1990 – present: Bill co-taught seminars with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in the US, Poland, and South Africa on topics including: Taiji Form, Chin-Na, Taiji Sword, Qigong, Taiji Pushing hands and the Taiji Fighting Set.

1994 - 2014: Bill taught weekly classes in Taiji, Qigong and Advanced Taiji topics at the World Headquarters of Yang’s Martial arts for 10 Years.



2018 He became an ERYT 200 reflecting, at least 1000 teaching hours of Yoga.

2017 Qigong Master Certification (From Grand Master Yang, Jwing-Ming)

2016 Taiji Quan Instructor certification (From Grand Master Yang, Jwing-Ming)

2016 Universal Healing Tao Instructor certification (From Grand Master Mantak Chia) 2015 National Taiji Quan Champion, Adult Men 18+ Yang style form (International

Chinese Martial Arts championships)

2015 Broga Yoga® Instructor Certification

2014 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification (From: Yoga of energy flow) 2014 Certification in Yoga Nidra (From Jenifer Reis)

2014 Certification in Thai Yoga Massage (From Jennifer Yarro)

2014 Certification in Meridian Yoga (From Daniel Orlansky)

2013 Certification in Yoga Therapeutics (From Doug Keller)

2013 Certification in Yin Yoga (From Josh Summers)

2012-13 Completed all 4 levels of Qi Healing certification (From Master Lisa B. O’Shea,

Rochester Qigong institute)

2012 Taijiquan: Moving for better Balance Trainer certification (Oregon Research Institute) 2012 Qigong Instructor Certification (From Grand Master Yang, Jwing-Ming)

2011 200-Hour Kripalu Yoga teacher certification (From Kripalu institute)

2011 First Aid (CPR, AID) (From Red Cross)

2008 Chin-Na Instructor certification (From Grand Master Yang, JwingMing)

2007 Qigong Assistant instructor certification (From Grand Master Yang)

2002 Taiji Assistant Instructor Certification (From Grand Master Yang, Jwing- Ming