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David-Dorian Ross

Quick Facts

Competition medals

  • Gold medals - 8
  • Silver medals - 1
  • Bronze medals - 2

Member: US Wushu Team 1991
US Taijiquan Team 1993
Alternate: US Wushu team 1995
Member: San Francisco Wushu Team (US national champions) 1984-1987
Studied with Professor Men Ka-on and other coaches while at Wu Bin's institute, Beijing 1995
Television programs:

  • T'ai Chi in Paradise - 13 part series with Hawaii Public Television - 1995
  • T'ai Chi, Health and Happiness - prime time special for PBS - 2012
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David-Dorian Ross

David-Dorian Ross is “one of America’s favorite” Tai Chi master teachers. He has been studying Tai Chi since 1979 from some of the top masters in the world including Kuo Lien-ying, Doc-Fai Wong, Tat Mau Wong, Anthony Chan, Bryant Fong, Jane Hallander, Jeff Falcon, Yang Jun, and Chungliang “Al” Huang. He’s also a U.S. and world record holder in tai chi forms competition.

David-Dorian is an international competitive tai chi champion. He is a former member of the San Francisco Wushu team, the US National Tai Chi team and two U.S. National Wushu teams. He competed at the first World Wushu Championships in Beijing in 1991 and was the only non-Asian out of 42 participating countries to win a medal. He is an 8-time U.S. gold medalist, world silver medalist and 2-time world bronze medalist in tai chi forms competition.

Inside Kung-fu Magazine called David-Dorian "the man who brought Tai Chi mainstream.” He has written, starred in and hosted more than 100 instructional dvds, television specials and television series. He is a professor for The Great Courses, and his program The Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong is a best-selling dvd collection. He is a published video author for YMAA Publication Center, and his dvd Tai Chi Fit Over 50 is a best-seller in Amazon’s top 100 fitness dvds.

David-Dorian is also the executive producer of “24 Hours of World Peace Livestream,” a live webcast of World Tai Chi Qigong Day events. Bill Douglas, the founder of World Tai Chi Qigong Day, dedicated the 20th year to David-Dorian for his contributions to the theme of world peace and harmony. International action film star Jet Li called David-Dorian “the American Idol of tai chi” and brought him to China to be the international face of his online TaijiZen Academy. David-Dorian is the only master of the TaijiZen method outside of China.


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