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David Silver

Quick Facts

  • 1994 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
  • 2001 Started as Video Director/Producer at YMAA Publication Center
  • 2006 Certified YMAA Assistant Qigong Instructor
  • 2006 Began weekly Cape Cod Qigong lessons
  • 2009 Certified YMAA Qigong Instructor

David Silver developed a lifelong interest in meditation as part of his Gojū Ryū Karate training starting at age 11. He later studied taijiquan, qigong, and yoga in his 20s, and became certified by world-renown Chinese martial arts master Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming as a YMAA Qigong Instructor in 2006. He volunteered managing the fundraising for the nonprofit YMAA Retreat Center 2006 - 2016. He offers weekly qigong classes 3-5 times per week on Cape Cod, MA, USA.

David works as a producer and director of instructional martial arts and health videos for YMAA Publication Center (as VHS, DVD, app and streaming). He is the co-author of "Sunrise Tai Chi" and "Sunset Tai Chi" books. He is a writer and has worked as editor of books by Dr. Yang. He produced and directed over 100 videos by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Helen Liang, Chenhan Yang, David-Dorian Ross, Lee Holden, Ren, GuangYi narrated by Lou Reed, Wudang master Zhou, Xuan-Yun, and others.