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Hermann Bayer, Ph.D.

Hermann Bayer, Ph.D., born and raised in (West-) Germany, holds a PhD & Master’s degree in Economics with a Sociology concentration, and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and in Psychology. He worked at German and at U.S. universities for 18 years as scientist, full-time & adjunct professor, campus dean, and academic multi-site-dean.

For another 12 years he served as CEO and executive coach with a German coaching & consulting firm (reporting to shareholders). In addition, 10 successful years of self-employment; before that another 8 years of working for the manufacturing industry, and 2 years of serving in the (West-) German Army’s Corps of Engineers. Immigration into the USA 2005.

Hermann studies karate since the early 1980ies. His experience covers traditional (non-sports) Japanese Shudokan karatedo as well as traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate.