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Hong Ze-Han

Hong Ze-han is the second son of Hong Yi-xiang. He was born in 1955 and was admitted to the Department of Film Directing at the National University of Arts. However, during his summer internship, his boss, who was also the most famous film and television tycoon in Taiwan at the time, told him, “Stay here. In film school, you won’t learn more real and useful things than here.” So he dropped out of school to work as a director and screenwriter for the then three major TV networks, TTV-Taiwan Television Enterprise, CTV-China Television Corporation, and CTS-China Television System. Many of his works have won awards.

After getting married, he turned to advertising, working in sales and creative direction until he caught the eye of client Tera Electronics, which brought him into consumer electronics marketing and business management.

After successfully serving as Deputy General Manager at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel, where his main task was to carry out a challenging full renovation of the largest five-star hotel in Taipei, he joined Jihsun Financial Holding Group as Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer leadership until his retirement in 2014.

Zehan has a wife and two sons. In his spare time, he enjoys Chinese calligraphy, reading, writing, hiking, fine food, and Yizong Tangshou martial arts training.

Blurred Boundaries is his first full-length narrative work.

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