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Jeff Burger

Jeff Burger holds fifth-degree black belts in both Shito-Ryu karate and Matsukazi-Ryu ju jutsu. He is a muay thai instructor, trained and certified at Muay Thai Institute in Thailand, who competed in the 2006 Muay Thai World Championships. He is a Chinese Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan Sifu, trained and certified in China. He has studied stick, knife, and firearms with Hock Hochheim (Force Necessary) and Avi Nardia (KAPAP). Jeff Burger teaches martial arts and self-defense in Salem, Massachusetts.

Jeff Burger Teachers and Certifications:

( Muay Thai champions )

Deang Moohaa

Moa Thamomnoon

Ravee Datacha

( China )

Lam Beng Heng

Zhou Hung

Fan Qing Bin

Karate 5th dan Shito-ryu Karate

Ju Jutsu 5th dan Matsukazi-ryu

Muay Thai Kru instructor, certified in Thailand at Muay Thai Institute 

Kung Fu Sifu certified in China at Song Jian Wushu Yuan and Lam Beng Heng 

Stick instructor via Hock Hochheim

Knife instructor via Hock Hochheim

Firearms instructor via Hock Hochheim

KAPAP Krav Maga instructor via major Avi Nardia