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Patrick Daly

Quick Facts

• "Needle Through Brick"

• “Being Mary” (2022)

• “Remittance” (2015)

• “The Warren” (2014)

• “Oxyana” (2013)

 Patrick Daly is a trained anthropologist and environmental scientist, with a PhD. from the University of Oxford. He splits his time between academic research at the Earth Observatory of Singapore and independent filmmaking. He has written, directed and produced a number of award-winning documentary and narrative films that have played at film festivals around the world. His ethno-narrative style of filmmaking has been lauded for its authentic, unique perspective and handling of real locations and non-actors. His academic research focuses on long-term human adaptation to environmental change and recovery from natural disasters.

Patrick Daly is the producer, director and writer of the award-winning martial arts documentary film "Needle Through Brick" with co-producer Joel Fendleman, plus “Being Mary” (2022), “Remittance” (2015), “The Warren” (2014), and “Oxyana” (2013).

Mr. Daly also currently works as a cultural anthropologist in Singapore.

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