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Quentin Lopes

Quentin Lopes grew up on Cape Cod, MA and began his martial arts training at a young age under his father. He and his father would occasionally travel to YMAA Boston to train Shaolin and Taijiquan. At the age of 14, Quentin started training at the YMAA Retreat Center as a visiting student under Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. He became a permanent student when the 5-year training program began a year later in 2013. After the 5-year program ended in 2018, Quentin remained at the Retreat Center for another two years.

During his stay, in addition to training, Quentin became a formal disciple of Dr. Yang and was an instructor for the students of the 3-year training program. He also participated in media production shoots with Dr. Yang and projects published by YMAA Publication Center. With the YMAA team, Quentin competed at the Tiger Claw Elite Championship held in San Jose, CA each year. He has also competed at the ICMAC tournaments in several US cities and earned the Grand Champion title in 2019.

Quentin is currently residing in Georgia where he is studying for his undergraduate degree.