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The Complete Martial Artist

by Willie "The Bam" Johnson

A complete martial artist learns how to conquer “self” and how to live by traditional core values. This book offers young adults and twenty-something’s an opportunity to see what martial arts can do for their lives. It provides a key to unlock a door, for self-development and balanced living.

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August 6, 2019
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN: 9781594396533


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August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN: 9781594396533

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In today's fast paced world, young adults are subject to chronic fears of missing out, mental health issues, anxiety, and depression unlike any generation that has come before.

The martial arts have the potential to help.

Traditional martial arts revolve around principles and core values such as honor, integrity, perseverance, patience, humility, and respect. Each manifesting in self-expression and creativity to promote individual growth and a balanced approach to living.

A complete martial artist learns how to conquer "self" through martial arts training and how to live by these traditional core values. Although there are occasions when martial arts may be used for self-defense, its primary uses are for sport, character, and spiritual fulfillment.

The author shares

  • His own childhood story of hardship and redemption
  • How to adopt martial arts values as a way of living
  • Important universal principles to live by
  • On creating a championship attitude
  • Examples about martial arts forms (kata) and sparring
  • How to get started and be successful in your personal martial arts journey

This book, The Complete Martial Artist, offers kids, young adults, parents, and twenty-somethings an opportunity to see what martial arts can do for their lives.

What parents are saying about being a complete martial artist

"It gives [my child] discipline, a hard work ethic, and physical fitness"— Bell family

"It gives my son a sense of self-confidence and a better overall attitude"—Miller family

"It gives my boys the benefit of interaction with other kids, good friends, getting out of their comfort zones, and leadership skills"—Draper family

"It makes my daughter outgoing and happy"—Lopez family

"It gives my kids discipline and confidence to speak up for themselves"—Bui family

"It gives my child goals to work toward and helped him improve in school"—Brown family


Willie "The BAM" Johnson will lead readers down the path of self-development on their quest to be the best. I highly recommend this book to everyone striving for personal excellence and balance in life. — Dennis Brown

Willie "The BAM" Johnson offers his own hard-won battles for success as examples of how dedication to the martial arts can provide the way to achieve personal excellence. This book should have a place in the personal library of every martial arts student. —Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame Member

The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion is directed to young adults and provides a program that blends the author's own childhood experiences and struggles with hardship with a program of martial arts values that translates nicely to a revised view of life and living. Within the martial arts structure is advice on not just forms and competitions, but how to use these martial arts strategies as patterns to life by. From the characteristics of a champion and knowing the difference between basic truths and learned techniques to foundations of sparring, stretches and other exercises, and handling weapons, this focus directed to young martial artists profiles not just a specific program but an approach to life that adults will find uplifting, supportive, and positive for their young aspiring martial artists.

—Midwest Book Reviews, Diane Donovan, Editor February 2020


“Willie Johnson has penned a wonderfully-inspired book based both on his mastery of kung-fu and his rise from a street kid to prominence in the world of martial arts. This book is about much more than martial arts. Grandmaster Johnson has evolved beyond physical technique into the world of personal spirituality. He presents a journey well worth reading.”

—Dr. Jerry Beasley, PhD, 8th dan, author, professor of Health and Human Performance at Radford University


“I have known Sifu Johnson for over twenty years and was an admirer of his incredible skill as a competitor in the early 90s. My first introduction to him was when I was the promoter for my father’s tournament in Washington, DC (The Jhoon Rhee Nationals). What is even more impressive about him is his incredible heart and how much he cares for the people in his community. It is common knowledge that he had a rough past, but he has owned up to it and his experience with this difficult time in his life has transformed him into an amazing human being. Sifu Johnson is one of the very few martial artists that I can confidently say “walks the talk.” He is an inspiring and motivational instructor and has a wealth of knowledge with respect to street self-defense. I highly recommend this book to all people regardless of their level of skill in the martial arts.”

—Master Chun Rhee, owner Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do, Nobody Bothers Me, Inc., Falls Church, VA


“This book was a joy to read. I was intrigued by ‘The Bam’s’ most recent book as it depicts how one can use martial arts to help focus on traditional core values as well as the physical and mental benefits that also result. In addition, the fact that self-defense is also highlighted in this book makes it a book that not only challenges its readers to become health conscientious but also prepares them for whatever comes their way. This book is much more than simply a focus on martial arts. This book aims to challenge and promote the mind, body, and soul in each of us.”

—Dr. Lance Stout, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Independence, Missouri, PhD in Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Wichita State University


“This book is a gift to the world from a man who lays bare his heart and his struggles in the hope of bringing positive effect on the people it touches. His dedication as a martial artist is only matched by his dedication to do the hard work in local communities to show people a better path to a fulfilling life. Do yourself a favor and share this book and Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson’s philosophy with those around you. We’ll all be better for it.”

—Matt Dean, film and TV Producer, Los Angeles


“Willie Bam Johnson's extraordinary ability to share his life experiences and life lessons in compelling speeches and talks that are full of powerful insights make him a very dynamic and charismatic speaker. He has a unique ability to connect with both the youth and their parents.”

—Warrington Hudlin, film and TV Producer, New York 


“Seeing the challenges that Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson faced at every turn in life, and his overcoming of one hardship after another through the discipline of Martial Arts will make you put yourself back on the floor with renewed dedication to the path of a better life.”

—Kris Wilder, author, U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame member, National Board-Certified Life Coach  


“Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson shares highs and lows from his life, and how these events taught him and shaped the philosophy he shares in The Complete Martial Artist. The lessons learned from these significant life events are universal and they can be applied by any martial artist, regardless of style or rank. Johnson’s wushudowill help you along your road of self-development. With a focus on developing physical, mental, and spiritual fitness, the twelve universal principles of wushudowill not only help you become a better martial artist, but a better person through training in the martial arts. Many martial artists teach that martial arts provide a road toward not only self-defense, but also fitness, character development, and spirit. Willie Johnson provides you a map to do just that, develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

 —Alain Burrese, J.D., former army sniper, 5th dan Hapkido, author of Hard-Won Wisdom From The School Of Hard Knocks


The Complete Martial Artistby Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson is a fantastic read! Johnson shows through his engaging life story that winning alone does not develop your strengths, your struggles also develop your strengths. His book outlines a solid and practical code of conduct that he recommends to be followed by martial artists. This book goes far beyond just physical martial arts techniques to give you a profound learning experience. Highly recommended for those who want to make martial arts a meaningful way of life!”

—Andrew Zerling, veteran martial artist, multi-award winning author, Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts: Winning Clinches, Takedowns, and Tactics


“Great Work Mr. Johnson. You are a blessing to many. Keep up your greatness. God Bless.”

—Robert L. Wallace, CEO, Birthgroup Technologies, author of Let God Be Godand Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business Success  

USA Best Books Award - Winner - 2019

Next Generation Indie Book Award - Finalist - 2020

About the Author

Willie "The Bam" Johnson

Willie “The Bam” Johnson, is an award-winning martial arts teacher whose life mission is to help young adults and others become empowered, through the martials arts in order to make good life choices. He is a seven-time sport karate and kung fu world champion, a two-time All-American champion, and a nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion. He teaches at The Bams Martial Arts Academy. Willie H. Johnson resides in Laurel Maryland. He can be contacted at … More »

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