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The Judo Advantage: Controlling Movement with Modern Kinesiology

by Steve Scott

The Judo Advantage explores the dynamics of how and why the human body works most efficiently for throwing, submission, and pinning techniques.


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Release date: 
January 17, 2019
Paperback: 240 pages
9 × 1 × 6 in
ISBN: 9781594396281
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August 1, 2023
Hardcover: 240 pages
9 x 6 x 1 in


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January 17, 2019
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January 17, 2019
Paperback: 240 pages
9 × 1 × 6 in
ISBN: 9781594396281

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The Judo Advantage explores the dynamics of how and why the human body works most efficiently for throwing, submission, and pinning techniques. Although judo provides the basis for the author's analysis, his insights also relate to other grappling sports such as Russian sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Olympic and collegiate wrestling.

  • Gain a competitive edge using the principles of human biomechanics.
  • Master the ability to control your opponent's movements.
  • Improve fluency for seamless transition between techniques.
  • Generate incredible power and speed.

This book features

  • In-depth analysis of stances, balance breaking, throws, takedowns, transitions, ground fighting, trapping, footwork, combinations, gripping, posting, linear and angular movement, torque, generating power, evading, generating force, changing directions, and stability
  • Over 200 action photos
  • Drills and winning insight for coaches and athletes of grappling arts

Steve Scott merges traditional martial wisdom with modern kinesiology, the study of human anatomy and movement. This new biomechanical perspective helps competitors develop every facet of their grappling skill, giving them a clear advantage in controlling opponents.


“In this excellent volume by Steve Scott, he provides both the coach and the student with useful insights into just why and how the ‘gentle way’ functions as it does. I highly recommend that coaches and practitioners of judo carefully read this volume because it will enhance your coaching and judo practice.”

—Jim Bregman

First US judo athlete to win Olympic and world medals

Bronze medalist, Tokyo Olympics, 1964

Bronze medalist, World Championships, 1965

US and Pan American Games judo champion


“In his new book on judo movement, Steve Scott has given a gift to all judoka. It is a tour de force regarding all the principles of judo. Unlike almost every other judo book, Steve does not try to tell you how he does—or thinks you should do—a particular throw, but rather gives an in-depth discussion of what is required to do any throw. Further, he shows how these principles often translate into newaza as well. It is a fitting adjunct text to the classic book Canon of Judo, by Kyuzo Mifune. I am looking forward to adding this wonderful text to my collection.”

—Bruce Toups

Head coach, US team, World Judo Championships

Past director of development, United States Judo, Inc.

Coach of national and international judo champions


“Steve Scott has been there and done that. He knows what he is talking about. If you want to learn how and why judo works from someone who has been a successful coach for over forty years, read this book.”

—AnnMaria DeMars, PhD

World and Pan American Games judo champion

US national judo champion

US national sambo champion


“Steve is not only my coach but my husband. I can tell you from personal experience that he has a deep understanding and appreciation of judo technical skill and how to coach it at all levels of competition, from teaching children to coaching at world-class tournaments.”

—Becky Scott

World and Pan American Games sambo champion

US national judo champion

US national sambo champion



“This book explains how and why judo works and how to do it better. Whether you want to develop champions in any grappling sport or want to be a more effective coach teaching judo as physical education, I highly recommend that you read Steve’s book.”

—John Saylor

Three-time US national judo champion

Two-time Pan American medal winner

Head coach, US Olympic Training Center judo team, 1983–1991

Director, Shingitai Jujitsu Association



“This book should be in the tool kit of any conscientious coach or aspiring judo coach as a comprehensible guide to understanding the fundamentals of judo and putting principles into practice. It would be near impossible to find all this information together in one place anywhere else. I know I will be putting it into my coaching practice as much as possible.”

—Sophie Cox

Two-time judo Olympian for Great Britain

Four-time European medal winner

Seven-time British judo champion

World BJJ champion


“It is impossible to be involved in judo in the United States and not have heard of Steve Scott. Steve has been involved in the sport for decades, demonstrating over and over again that his knowledge and coaching ability are masterful. Not only does Steve continue to produce standout athletes, but he has achieved a much more challenging goal: training new generations of skilled coaches. Teaching people how to teach is a rare and valuable skill. Anyone interested in developing their technical arsenal and coaching ability must not overlook Steve Scott and all he has to offer. The Judo Advantage belongs on every judoka’s bookshelf!”

—Stephen Koepfer

Head coach, New York Combat Sambo

Master of sport in combat sambo


“Steve Scott is my kind of coach. Every judoka can benefit from Steve’s years of coaching experience and research. He uses a common-sense, grassroots approach to teaching.”

—Bob Corwin

Head coach, Yorkville Judo Club

US team coach, World IJF Judo Championships (under 21)


“I know Mr. Steve Scott through my friend Gregg Humphreys. Steve invited me to do a sambo and judo clinic in Kansas City, USA. I was very impressed by Steve’s technical knowledge and coaching record. I think he is a great coach. I think his books are good resource for any wrestler, sambo, judo, or jujitsu practitioner.“

—Igor Kurinnoy

Three-time sambo world champion

Five-time Sambo World Cup champion


“It is an honor for me to recommend this new book by Steve Scott, one of the finest judo and jujitsu teachers I have ever met. His didactic methods are far beyond most of the teachings I have witnessed. Such a truly scientific approach to the instruction process is illustrated in his latest book, The Judo Advantage. I am sure all readers will deeply enjoy it an benefit from the knowledge packed in it.”

—Ivica Zdravkovic, MD, PhD

President, Serbian Budo Council

Eighth dan, jujutsu; fifth dan, judo

International sport jujutsu champion


“When I explain to someone for the first time who Steve Scott is, I often describe him as a walking, talking judo encyclopedia and make that statement honestly and with respect. With this book, Steve has again proven my description to be an accurate one. It is obvious that he has a deep and far-reaching pool of judo knowledge. It is this deep understanding that allows him to easily and succinctly break down such a complex subject as judo. I teach judo every day as the head coach of a large judo club and value books such as this one that provide realistic and practical information. This book is an excellent addition to the resource library of any student or teacher of any of the grappling arts, and I highly recommend it.”

—James Wall

Owner, Wall to Wall Martial Arts, Denham Springs, Louisiana


“I have known Steve Scott for over thirty years. In that time I’ve come to know him as a superb judo, sambo, and jiu-jitsu coach. He has trained multiple world, Pan American, and national champions in each discipline. In his latest book, The Judo Advantage, he explains the concepts of the grappling sports and why they work. This book will give you an understanding of principles and methods of training and why we do them. Whether you’re a coach, competitor, or just a fan of the grappling sports, this book will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of them.”

—Gregg Humphreys

Judo, sambo, and Shingitai coach

Dynamo Combat Club

USA Best Books Award - Finalist - 2019

ForeWord Reviews Indie Award - Finalist - 2020

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About the Author

Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a professional judo, sambo and jujitsu coach residing in Kansas City, Missouri.  He was born in 1952 and is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He holds 8th dan (Hachidan) rank in judo and 7th dan rank in shingitai jujitsu. Steve is the author of over a dozen published books on the subject of judo, sambo and other Martial Arts. Starting his judo career in 1965 and his sambo career in 1976, Steve has been active at all levels of competition, coaching and … More »