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The Martial Arts Athlete: Mental and Physical Conditioning for Peak Performance

by Tom Seabourne, Ph.D.

Answers questions that today's competitors must know to succeed. Learn how to train for peak performance, create incredible physical conditioning programs, manage pain, and get answers to a host of nutrition and strength training questions.


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Release date: 
October 15, 1998
Paperback: 244 pages
9.8 × 7.12 × 0.5 in
ISBN: 9781886969650
Printing: Black and White

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The Martial Arts Athlete answers questions that today's competitors must know to succeed - should you do push-ups or lift weights? Are energy bars and sports drinks any good? Are traditional forms a waste of your time? How do you eat to win? Discover powerful mind/body training for peak performance and incredible physical conditioning.

  • Imagery for better strikes, kicks & takedowns.
  • Meditations for a sharper mind.
  • The power of relaxation.
  • Mental skills to manage pain, improve discipline, and feel great!

Incredible physical conditioning to get you in the best shape of your life:

  • Step-by-step strength training for powerful arms & shoulders.
  • Killer ab-work for a lean torso and washboard stomach.
  • Plyometrics for strong legs and explosive kicks.
  • Three kinds of stretching for dynamic flexibility.
  • Simple breathing techniques to power you up.

Discover the most effective workouts, nutrition secrets, and mind/body training for peak martial arts performance in competition and daily practice.


About the Author

Tom Seabourne, Ph.D.

Tom Seabourne, Ph.D. has been a two-time All-American member of the United States Taekwondo Team and a National International AAU Taekwondo Champion. He was an ESPN Professional Karate Association full-contact karate winner, varsity tennis player at Penn State, and a USPTA tennis pro. Dr. Seabourne currently holds 4 ultra-distance cycling World Records. He finished in the top ten in the Race Across America (RAAM). Dr. Seabourne is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), … More »