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Fiction Bundle

by Arthur Rosenfeld, Goran Powell, Loren W. Christensen, John Donohue, Ph.D., Vincent Pratchett

Morality, danger, honor, fear, war, fantasy, legend, and action are but a few of the themes in the fantastic collection of fiction rooted in the martial tradition. Every one of these authors is an award winning writer combining amazing stories with the realistic martial art sensibility. Take a break and enjoy an adventure that will probably get you in trouble for staying up too late! This collection makes a great gift item for martial arts enthusiasts!


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Book: The Cutting Season by Arthur Rosenfeld (Hardcover)
Dr. Xenon Pearl, the best neurosurgeon in South Florida, is the reincarnation of a vigilante Chinese warrior, or at least that's what the recurring vision of his dead kung fu master tells him.

Book: The Raven's Warrior (soft cover)
Wounded in battle, a near dead Celtic warrior is taken by Viken raiders. He is sold into a Mid-East slave market and then dragged further east, through the desert, into the ‘Middle Kingdom’.

Book: Tengu by John Donohue (soft cover)
A renegade martial arts Sensei known as the Tengu has been recruited to train a splinter group of Asian terrorists with links to Al Qaeda. The Tengu mourns the vanished prestige and cultural heritage of Imperial Japan. He, like the men he trains, believes the West is responsible for destroying the spiritual essence of a once-great culture.

Book: The Crocodile and the Crane by Arthur Rosenfeld (Hardcover)
As apocalypse unfolds on Earth, two immortals who have survived for 3,000 years hold the secret to an ancient art that can save humanity - but is mankind worth saving?

Book: A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell (soft cover)
A Sudden Dawn is a refreshing take on the mythical origins of Kung Fu with a good pace, enjoyable interpretation of legendary characters, and wonderfully written adventures during the long journey across Asia.

Book: Chojun by Goran Powell (soft cover)
A typhoon brings the renowned karate master Chojun Miyagi into the life of young Kenichi Ota, who must prove himself before he can enter the master’s inner circle. As once-peaceful Okinawa prepares for war, master and student venture to China in search of the deepest meaning of karate.

Book: Dukkha the Suffering by Loren W. Christensen (soft cover)
In the course of a single week, everything Sam Reeves believed in, everything he knew, everyone he trusted, all would be put on the line. For a family he never knew he had.

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About the Authors

Arthur Rosenfeld

Arthur Rosenfeld is a martial arts teacher, writer, speaker, and coach. His martial arts training spans more than thirty years, and includes instruction in Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Ch'uan. Seen on his own PBS television show Arthur Rosenfeld's Longevity Tai Chi, (summer 2010), he is a critically-acclaimed, best-selling author of nine novels (Avon Books, Bantam, Doubleday Dell, Forge Books), two non-fiction books (Simon and Schuster, Basic Books), several screenplays, and numerous … More »

Goran Powell

Goran Powell began his writing career in 1991 as an advertising copywriter, and by 1995 he was creative director of a major London advertising agency. During this period, his work won 10 national and international awards. He became a freelance writer in 1999 and currently works for many of London's top agencies. He is a regular contributor to the martial arts press and was twice featured on the front cover of "Traditional Karate" magazine. His first book, Waking Dragons, … More »

Loren W. Christensen

Loren W. Christensen began his law enforcement career in 1967. He started as a 21-year-old military policeman in the U.S. Army, serving stateside and as a patrolman in Saigon, Vietnam, during the war. At 26, he joined the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau working various jobs to include street patrol, gang enforcement, intelligence, bodyguarding, and academy trainer, retiring after 25 years. In 1997, Loren began a full-time career as a writer, now with nearly 60 books in print with seven publishers … More »

John Donohue, Ph.D.

A nationally known expert on the culture and practice of the martial arts, John Donohue has been banging around dojo for more than 30 years. Fascinated with the themes of human action and potential he uncovered in his research, John began thinking about the fictional possibilities inherent in the world of the martial arts. He began working in earnest on Sensei, the first Connor Burke thriller, in … More »

Vincent Pratchett

Vincent Pratchett is a Canadian Martial Artist who began his training at the age of ten. He has taught the arts at the University of Guelph, and the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a young man Vincent travelled across Asia roughly following the ancient route of Marco Polo. Eventually settling in Hong Kong he worked as a bouncer for a prominent nightclub until breaking into the Hong Kong film industry as an actor and stuntman. Returning to Toronto, he now works as a … More »