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Wudang Bundle

by Zhou, Xuan-Yun

Wudang is legendary. For thousands of years, the Wudang arts were kept secret from the outside world. With this collection form Wudang Mountain's ordained monk Zhou Xuan-Yun, you will learn authentic Wudang Kung Fu, Taijiquan, and Sword. Bundle contains 3 DVDs.


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DVD: Wudang Kung Fu by Zhou, Xuan-Yun
This program shows, for the first time, the fundamental training practices used on Wudang Mountain. This one-on-one lesson offers detailed instruction of a warm-up routine, and the basic stances, punches, and kicks of Wudang Kung Fu. The fundamental Wudang Kung Fu (1st Form 基本套路 Ji Ben Tao Lu ) sequence is also taught with practical martial applications. This program offers deep insight into traditional martial arts training, no matter what style you practice.

DVD: Wudang Taijiquan by Zhou, Xuan-Yun
This program discusses the history of Wudang Taijiquan, offers a Warm Up section, and teaches the essential skill of Zhan-Zhuang, or standing meditation, which develops the Qi (energy) throughout your body. The complete 108-posture Wudang Taijiquan sequence is demonstrated, and each posture is instructed separately with martial applications. Each technique is taught and demonstrated in detail, making it easy for the viewer to learn. The ancient art of Wudang Taijiquan has much wisdom to offer beginners and experienced Tai Chi practitioners of all styles.

DVD: Wudang Sword by Zhou, Xuan-Yun
This program begins by discussing the legend and history of the Chinese sword. Next, it offers practical information on sword care and safety. The principles of Wudang sword are discussed and fundamental conditioning drills are presented. The Wudang Tai Yi Daoist Sword sequence is demonstrated in detail, making it easy for the viewer to learn. Each posture is then instructed separately with martial applications.

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